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Everyone knows that when it comes to hotel owners and operators, costs are paramount when decision-making. However, the bottom line for some, unfortunately, is the sole deciding factor for many hoteliers who want a standalone website. So if you think you can get away with a template design or a WordPress site for your hotel or feel that your only option is to pay thousands of dollars for a graphic designer to build a website for your hotel, you better think again. Viable, cost-effective solutions exist for a custom responsive design that offers individualized exposure that a landing page cannot provide. So the question of the hour is: Where does the guest experience begin?


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The Guest Experience Starts With Your Hotel Website

You have only a few seconds to make a good impression. We have all heard the saying, "First impressions are lasting." Researchers agree that it takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an opinion once they have landed on your property website.

Emotions Are Reactions That Determine Motivated Behaviors

Opinions about your property develop within two-tenths of a second. It takes only 2.6 seconds more to reaffirm that first impression.


Emotions are reactions!


The Pressure Is On:

You have mere seconds to impress and capture your guest's attention. The impression people get when they look at your hotel’s website helps them predict their personal experience at your hotel. A site that doesn't function properly is dated, unresponsive, and looks cheap, which will catapult travelers into the rooms of your competition. You may as well walk your potential guests to the doors of your competitors.

Your property is so much more than just rooms, inventory, and gift shop. You are delivering a complete experience. Your website, being an extension of your property, needs to capture the traveler's emotion every time a potential guest lands on your site. Your website needs to portray the feeling you surround your guests with when they step through your front door.

Look at your site like it is the first time.

Take a look at websites that catch not only your eye but your emotions. First, take note of what you like and why. Then take a good long look at your site. Is your site dated, does it load with music, is it a template design, or is it responsive and capture the essence of your property? Remember, a website does not have to be expensive to look great.


Look at the site like it is first time!



At INNsight, we know hotels and website design. Our San Francisco-based company has been artfully crafting responsive hotel websites for over a decade. Our understanding of how travelers’ search, research, and book hotel rooms, leads to our fine-tuned design standards. Our user-friendly framework lets a traveler look and then drives them to book their stay with ease. We use this INNsight to develop the most advanced hotel websites leveraging the latest web technologies and usability best practices to drive higher user engagement and conversion.

If you would like a free audit of your current website or would like more information about how INNsight can help your property’s digital marketing through our Award-Winning Technology and awesome customer service, don't hesitate to call: 415.741.4113 or email:

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