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Finding a Place to Stay

Finding the right place to stay at the right rate has never been easier. successfully delivers the most relevant places to stay for each individual traveler with the integration of complex search algorithms, industry research, and other back-end development. Putting focus on relevancy and personalization allows the traveler to find places that are most accommodating to their needs and, in turn, increasing their chance of booking a place to stay which accurately reflects their preferences. provides an innovative engine that does not limit places to stay solely to hotels and motels, but also enables all types of INNkeepers to promote and sell their place to stay: whether it be a couch in a living room, a glampsite, cabin, or vacation rental. Look, then Book.

In order to find the right place per your preferences we ask you to participate in answering some of our survey questions as they appear. Answers to these questions will help us fine tune your likes and dislikes and improve our search algorithm. Knowing a few tips to searching our vast database, such as those detailed below, will help you find the exact type of accommodations you are looking for.
Top Questions
  • What types of places to stay are available on INNsight?
  • How do I start my search?
  • How do I read the search results?
Solve Problems
Why am I not able to find a particular property?
Unfortunately, if you are not able to find a particular property, it is likely that we do not have it listed in our database. There is however a possibility that if a particular property that you are looking for does not appear, it might not have availability for your Stay Details. Try searching with different Stay Details. Properties that do not have vacancy for a particular set of Stay Details will NOT be exposed in Search Results.
How do I find properties outside of the United States?
Currently we do not show properties outside of the United States. We are working hard to perfect our technologies before we expand worldwide.
How do I find a Place to Stay?
What types of places to stay are available on INNsight? is a marketplace for INNs. INNs are simply Places to Stay. If there is ability for a facility to accommodate a guest we consider that property for our database. Now, that leaves open a whole variety of different lodging experiences. Not only will you find the traditional hotels, motels, inns, lodges, and cabins, but we also diversify our marketplace by offering glampsites, couch surfing, safari and other interesting lodging experiences. You can easily filter Search Results for your location by selecting your desired type of INN from the Property Types search filter.

We fully vet the credibility and the quality of the accommodations before we allow the INNkeeper to sell his or her room inventory on our site. In addition, we request previous guests to provide feedback in the form of their INNsights thereby helping new guests make informed decisions when they book their stay. And to increase your confidence in booking with INNsight we ensure that you are protected by our Low Price Guarantee. Click here for more details.

How do I start my search?
You can begin searching on INNsight from our homepage itself. We have designed a very intuitive user interface and search experience to help you find the exact place you would like to stay at the lowest rate. On the home page you will find a three step search form.

Step 1: Where are you going?

In Step 1 you begin by typing your desired destination, attraction, airport or neighborhood. Our autosuggest engine will take it from there.

Step 2: When are you going?

Enter your Check in and Check out dates

Step 3: How many people are going?

Enter the number of guests who seek accommodations by room. In the case of children enter the number of children and their respective ages.
Click SEARCH and let us get to work!

How do I read the search results?

After we query the INNsight Database you will see a list of results before you. The default sort order is based on our Best Match algorithm which dishes up search results based on several factors including quality, availability and rate. There will be up to 20 results displayed initially, and you can review more as you go by click on the 'Show More Results' button at the bottom of search results.

Each property is displayed individually in its own Property Box. The Property Box displays an image slider of the property, a short description, the address and the Blue Box which should the Lowest Average Daily Rate for a room at this property. You can also click on the View Room Types expansion by clicking on the '+' symbol. This will expand an inventory display showing you the available room types at this property and the applicable rates. A mouse over on the room type's name will reveal some additional details for the room type.