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How to Book a Place to Stay
We at INNsight are trying to define the concept of Look, and then Book. Our goal from The Site's onset has been to provide the most detailed information, highest quality photos and media, and validated reviews in order to help travelers book exactly what they are looking for. In today's high-tech media rich world there should be no excuse for booking a room which looks perfect and then being hoodwinked upon checking in. You should be laying your head to rest exactly where you were planning to, and INNsight aims to deliver on that promise. We have built our system to assist INNkeepers in displaying their inventory with accuracy and trying to match guests with that inventory so guests find accommodations exactly as advertised. So let us show you how to get started and Book It Now with INNsight

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Why has the rate changed on my bookmarked property page?
Even though you can bookmark a Search Results or Property Profile Page, it is possible that many elements of your bookmarked page may change as most of our web pages are dynamic. With that said, rates for places to stay are very fluid and can change instantaneously so if you have found a place to stay at a great rate we advise you to Book It Now!
How can I review my reservation confirmation?
There are several ways to review your reservation confirmation. As soon as you have booked a reservation on INNsight, The System will send you an email confirmation and a message to your mail box with the details of your reservation. In addition, you can find the details of your reservation in the 'Upcoming Reservations' module in your My INNsight.
Why did my session end while I was booking my stay?
When you enter the Book It Now flow The System actually blocks all other persons from booking that room in order to prevent double bookings. We can only hold this room for a few minutes. If we determine any inactivity while you are completing your reservation, we will end the session and return you to that Property's Profile Page. It is important that you complete your reservation within a few minutes to prevent us from releasing the inventory back into the Marketplace.
I have a question about my accommodations, who do I contact?
If you have a question about your accommodations or reservation itself you can contact the INNkeeper directly. Just click on Ask a Question and you will be able to send the INNkeeper a message via INNbox. You can also directly contact an INNkeeper by replying to his/her Reservation Confirmation.
How do I cancel my reservation?
Each property has its own Cancellation Policy so we advise that you read and become familiar with the INNkeeper's policies prior to booking a reservation. In order to cancel your reservation you can go to our Reservation Cancellation flow by clicking here or you can click on the 'Cancel' link next to the reservation in the Upcoming Reservations list in your My INNsight.
Making a Reservation on INNsight
How do I book a reservation?
Booking a reservation on is very easy. First, search for a Place to Stay. Once you have found the place where you would like to stay, query your stay details by including your check in and check out date and guest configuration. Your query will deliver any available rooms and the applicable nightly room rate at that Place to Stay's Rooms & Rates page.

Step 1: Mix & Match Your Room(s):

You will need to review and 'Select a Room'. Once all rooms are selected you will be taken to Step 2.

Step 2: Review your total price:

Step 3: Click Book it Now:

You can review the breakdown of charges per selected room before you click Book It Now.

Step 3: Book It Now: Review the INNsight Reservation Policy & Notes and if you like what you see, simply click on 'Book It Now' and you will be taken to the Book It Now flow.

The Book It Now flow is a straightforward 4 step booking process which will complete your reservation. The whole process should take less than 2 minutes.

Step 1: Select: asks you how you would like to reserve the room(s). You can create an INNsight Passport Account, Sign in to your INNsight Passport, or continue without registering. Select an option and continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Guest Info: requires that you input or edit your personal contact and billing details and room assignments in order to complete the reservation.

Step 3: Confirm: displays your reservation information for you to review before finalizing your reservation. If all of your data is accurate and the Stay Details are as requesting finally click 'Book It Now' and confirm your reservation.

Step 4: Booked: shows you your printable Reservation Confirmation.

How do I make a group reservation?'s Marketplace currently allows groups with needs of up to 5 rooms to reserve their stay online. For needs requiring more than 5 rooms, please fill out the following form and we will help you find the perfect place to stay for your group. Stay tunes for our revolutionary group booking application – Coming Soon!

What happens to my Credit Card? Am I charged up front? only requests credit card details to confirm your reservation with the Inns are generally establishments or buildings w...">INN on your behalf. INNsight never charges your credit card. The INN can check (pre-authorize) your credit card to ensure sufficient funds are available, however, you will not be charged. The INN will only charge your credit card if you have requested a pre-paid room or if the cancellation policy detailed by the INN has not been adhered to.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover can be used on our website. It is possible that the hotel does not accept one or more of these card types. Before making your reservation, please check at the bottom of the hotel policies section for "Accepted Credit Cards".

In most cases the place to stay will accept payment for the stay on a different card or in cash. Please ensure that the new card type or cash is accepted by the property.

Your credit card information is transmitted to us through a secure server. We follow Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI) and use the latest and most secure encryption technology available which encrypts all of your personal and credit card details. The encryption method used is the industry standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology. Our SSL certificate has been issued by security industry leader VeriSign.

Are there any Booking or Cancellation Fees?
INNsight does not charge travelers a booking fee or a cancellation or modification fee. It is possible that an INNkeeper could charge you a Cancellation Fee per the Property's Cancellation Policy. Please carefully read the Property's Cancellation Policy on the Property Profile Page and before agreeing to the terms of the Reservation. By agreeing to the Cancellation Policy of the property, the traveler will be legally responsible to adhering to the policy and may be charged a cancellation fee as detailed by the INNkeeper.

How do I modify my reservation?
You can modify your reservation on with no fees as long as you make any changes outside of the property's cancellation/modification policy. If you are eligible to make any changes you can go to your My INNsight is a section of the website where registered us page and Upcoming Reservations. Locate the reservation for which you would like to made edits. In the according pull-down menu, select the option 'Modify'. Selecting 'Modify' will take you to the Change Reservation page. You can edit your dates or your room configuration from the modify flow. Please note that making changes to your reservation might change your rates.

How do I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation on INNsight with no fees if you cancel outside of the property's cancellation policy. For example if a property has a 72 hour or 3 day cancellation policy, you can only cancel your reservation with that property outside of 3 days prior to your arrival date's check in time without incurring a penalty. The penalty and the cancellation policy are determined by each property individually, so it is very important that you read and fully understand the details of the Cancellation/Modification Policy of the property before you make a reservation. Please note, you must agree to the Cancellation/Modification Policy by clicking on its check box before you can reserve the stay.

Here's an example: So let's say your reservation is on July 5th and the property check-in time is 3 PM, you can only cancel any time before July 2nd 3 PM. If you enter the Cancellation Period, and you still would like to cancel, you will then have to contact the INNkeeper. Reservations that have entered the Cancellation Period cannot be cancelled directly within the System. Only the INNkeeper can cancel reservations that are within the Cancellation Period.

If you are eligible to cancel your stay, you can go to your My INNsight page and Upcoming Reservations. Locate the reservation that you would like to cancel. In the according pull-down menu, select the option 'Cancel'. Selecting 'Cancel' will take you to the Cancellation Request page. Follow the easy to understand Cancellation Flow and click 'Submit'. For multiple room reservations, you can cancel one, many, or all rooms for that reservation. Once you have successfully cancelled your reservation, you will receive a Reservation Cancellation Confirmation email and INNbox message.

How do I know that what I am booking is exactly what I will get when I arrive at the property?
Our goal is that you should look, and then book. What you see on our site and grow to expect is what type of property and room type you check into on your arrival date. We work with INNkeepers to diligently present their room inventory as accurately as possible. Unlike Online Travel Agents, we do not mask the INNkeeper's identity nor do we solicit feedback from guests who might not even had checked in. Our Reviews aka INNsights are from previous guests and we encourage you to contact the INNkeeper directly with questions and concerns. In addition, we are very selective about the properties we allow onto INNsight so you can rest assured that all of the INNkeepers are reputable.