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Managing Your Search Results
Performing a Search on INNsight is as easy as 1-2-3. Thankfully so is managing the results that are delivered from our vast database of INNs. We have made it really easy to drill down from a massive database and distill list of results that match exactly the type of places to stay that you are looking for. The INNsight search algorithm works to surface the most relevant INNs that fit your preferences and the Search Results Page offers several sorting, filtering, and mapping options to help you find a property and rate to your liking.
Solve Problems
I am getting too many results back
If you are getting overwhelmed by search results, try using some of the filters in the Search Filters located on the left. Selecting filters will distill the list to a more manageable set. In addition, we limit displaying the results set at 20 at a time. You can expand the list by clicking 'Show More Results'
I can't seem to figure out where this INN is located
Each Property Box in the Search Results shows the street address of the INN. If you are having trouble figuring out where the property is located, you can click on the 'Map' button and it will pop up a Map View with the property pinpoint.
Managing My Search Results

How do I filter search results?

Our database is rich with attributes of each property in our database. To find a particular property that has a unique amenity, you can expand the Search Filter in the left navigation column of the Search Results Page and simply click on the amenity or amenities of choice.

We have developed several means to filter down the search results to find exactly the property type you are looking for. The results displayed will dynamically change based on your selection and will filter down based on location, proximity to landmarks, neighborhoods, etc, Star Rating, Property Name, Price Range, Amenities, Property Themes, Property Types, Brand, or District.

How do I sort search results?

Sorting search results is very straightforward. You will find the Sort By toolbar atop the Search Results with buttons that can sort the results of places to stay in ascending or descending order by the following aspects:
Popularity: Popularity is determined by the count of recent reservations made at a property
Price: It is possible to sort by the Lowest Average Daily Rate
Name: Sort by the Property Name
Stars: Sort by the property's Star Rating
Distance: Distance from the selected landmark or city center default
INNsights: Sort by our quality measure called INNsights

How do I compare properties?

You can compare up to 4 properties at one time simply by clicking the Compare Property check boxes in the selected property box search results. You'll need to select up to 4 properties and then click on the 'Compare Now' button at the top right of the Search Results Page or at the bottom left within one of the selected property boxes. Clicking on 'Compare Now' will take you to the Compare Properties Page and display the key data of each property side by side.

How can I view search results on a map?

There are a couple of ways to see where the property is located in a map view. Each Property Box has a little Map button at its bottom left corner which pops up a small map window that displays the property on a map alongside nearby properties.

For a much more useful map view, click on the 'View Hotels on Map' button on the left. The Map View will render showing you the same search results list displayed in a very useful sortable and filterable list that interacts with a large map. You can quickly pinpoint the exact property you'd like to stay at simply by navigating a map.

Where can I find my recent searches?

If you would like to review some recent searches that you have conducted on INNsight, you can log into your My INNsight account, where you will find the My Recent Searches module.

How do I change my Stay Details and re-run a search?

You can actually re-run a search with updated Check-in and Check-out date, Number of rooms, Adults and Children configurations at a global search level or even at a particular property. To change the search criteria while viewing search results, you simple can reconfigure your criteria in the header above by clicking the arrow nearby the current configuration and then click on the 'Search' button. Upon clicking 'Search', a brand new result set will be displayed based on your updated criteria.

In order to change your search criteria at a property specific level, you simply click on the small arrow in the Stay Details box in the Property Profile Page for the property that you are interested in. Reconfigure your search and click on the 'Update' button. Upon clicking on 'Update' button, you will see the room inventory and rates for that property now reflect your new search criteria.