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Registering with INNsight

INNsight .com is a marketplace for places to stay where travelers can discover great deals on different types of lodging. Setting up an INNsight account is really simple and can make the booking process a snap when you find the perfect place to stay. There are two types of INNsight accounts: The INNsight Passport which is for travelers and the INNkeeper's Account which allows INNkeepers to manage and sell their inventory on

The INNsight Passport allows Travelers to book their stay on and at many properties' own websites which are Powered by INNsight.

The benefits of an INNsight Passport are:
  • Look and then book: Search, Look and then book with Confidence on the Marketplace
  • Lowest Rates Guaranteed
  • Save your money when you book and simply pay for your reservation when you check-in
  • Find deals and group buying opportunities
  • Interact with INNkeepers and other travelers
  • Sign in and book your reservations with ease at several property websites that are Powered by INNsight
Top Questions
  • How do I register My INNsight Passport?
  • How do I update My Account settings?
  • How do I cancel My INNsight Passport?
  • What are the fees?
Solve Problems
I forgot My INNsight Passport User ID or Password
If you have lost or forgotten your INNsight Passport User ID or Password, simply click here or follow this link: and follow the link: I forgot my user ID or password. You will be asked to type in your registered email address and press 'enter' on your keyboard. You will be sent an email to reset your password at the registered email address.
Do I need an INNsight account to make a reservation?
You do NOT need an INNsight registered account to make a reservation on INNsight. You can book a place to stay on or any property website that is Powered by INNsight without even registering. Simply select the 'I want to continue without creating an account' option and continue.
All about My INNsight Passport
How do I register My INNsight Passport?
Registering an INNsight Passport is very easy. You can access the registration flow by clicking on 'Register' from the header at the top, or clicking on the 'Register' button from the Sign In page. You can also register your INNsight Passport from the Book It Now flow right in the middle of a booking. We also can create your INNsight Passport from any Standalone Website Powered by INNsight. To register, all you need to do is tell us about yourself by providing your name and address, create a user id and password, and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Please note that your personal details are never used without your permission and all of your data is protected by our Privacy Policy which you can read here. We do share your personal details with partner INNkeepers with whom you make reservations as per our Terms and Agreements. We do not sell, transfer, or share your data with any third parties without your permission.

How do I update My Account settings?

Once your My INNsight Passport is registered you will be taken to your My INNsight. You can edit your account settings at any time by clicking on My Account in the Global Header or Left Navigation. My Account is fully secured by SSL encryption and we follow the strictest guidelines in safeguarding your personally identifiable information. To review our Privacy Policy, click here.

The My Account section displays the following tabs:

Personal Information:

The Personal Information tab allows you to view and edit your Name, Address, and Email credentials.

Change Password:
You can change your password at any time by clicking on the Change Password tab.

Edit Image:
Your INNsight Passport allows you to upload a personal image and tagline which is shared in your posts, messages, and in your account. Please note that this is a public image and all images that are uploaded to INNsight must follow the guidelines detailed in the INNsight Terms & Conditions.

Billing Details:
You can edit or save the Credit Card details which you use to expedite making reservations on INNsight.

Email Alerts
can easily update your email and notification preferences by clicking on Email Alerts.

How do I cancel My INNsight Passport?
To cancel your INNsight Passport, you will need to go to My Account: Change Password. You will find a link, 'Cancel My INNsight Passport' in the Change Password dialog. By clicking this link, you will be able to cancel your INNsight account only if you do not have any upcoming reservations in The System. If you have upcoming reservations that you would like to retain, you will need to keep your My INNsight Passport live. If you would absolutely like to cancel your account, you will need to cancel your upcoming reservations first.

What are the Fees?
It is absolutely free to register your INNsight Passport and take advantage of the great benefits of booking on INNsight. Making a reservation on is absolutely free of any reservation or cancellation fees. does not charge any booking fees and does not charge you if you modify or cancel your reservation as long as you adhere to the INNkeeper's Cancellation/Modification Policy. Note: if you fail to adhere to the Cancellation/Modification Policy for your reservation, you might be charged a fee as detailed in your agreement with the INNkeeper by the INNkeeper. does not directly charge and fees to the traveler. also does not directly charge your credit card when you book your stay. You are charged directly by the INNkeeper at check in only—save your money when you book and pay when you check in.