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My Favorites has been built to help you find a perfect place to stay at the lowest rate. With that in mind, we have created several tools to help you search, bookmark, and share your search results. You will find these tools and functions throughout the site.
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I do not see anything in My Favorites
If you have not added any INNs or Attractions your favorites, your My Favorites bucket will be empty. To add favorites, you can click on the 'Add to My Favorites' links which you will find placed on the Property Profile Pages and Attractions Pages.
How do I remove or add back the My INNsight bar?
The My INNsight Bar sits at the bottom of the browser window to provide you quick access to your INNbox, Recently Viewed INNs, and other personalized details. The My INNsight Bar can be toggled on or off by pressing the '+' or '-' button on the right side of The Bar. Note the My INNsight Bar is only available when you are navigating outside of My INNsight.
Why did the rates change even though I bookmarked a Property Profile Page?
Rates are ever changing as INNkeepers update their Rate Card or as the engine discounts rates with its algorithms. Bookmarking a search page or Property Profile Page does not lock the rates displayed as they are dynamic. Bookmarking a page, however, does provide you easy view into that INN's property specifics and available room inventory.
My Favorites Help
What is My Favorites?
My Favorites is a toolbox built into My INNsight which allows registered users to collect their favorite INNs, Searches, Attractions, etc. and save them for future view. You can add pages to My Favorites by clicking on 'Add to My Favorites' wherever you see the link. Note that you will be asked to sign into your My INNsight account before you can add any page to My Favorites.

My Favorites allows you easy access to INNs, attractions and much more as you work to define your travel agenda. The My Favorites box is located on your My INNsight page and can also be accessed from the My INNsight Toolbar which floats at the bottom of your browser window while navigating parts of The Site.

How can I bookmark an INN that I like?
You can bookmark any page on with your browser; however we have made it easy to bookmark such pages as the Property Profile Page with a link at the top right corner 'Link'. Clicking on this link will open up a bookmark dialog in your browser. Note, that you can even use the 'Add to My Favorites' function and save that page for view later from anywhere you can log into My INNsight from. Please note that bookmarked pages might not be static. For example if you bookmark a Search Result or a Property Profile Page, it is possible that some data such as rates and availability might be dynamic. We do feel that bookmarking pages such as the Property Profile Page serves a great purpose—you get a view into a property and its availability real time.

What is the My INNsight Toolbar?
The My INNsight Toolbar is a floating bar that you will find at the bottom of The Site as you navigate away from My INNsight. This bar can be toggled on or off by clicking on the '+' or '-' button on the right side of The Bar. The My INNsight Toolbar provides you all of your My INNsight functions at your fingertips. You can review messages from your INNbox, see your recently viewed INNs, access your My Account settings, and more. We feel that the My INNsight Toolbar is a useful feature that will help you find the place to stay that you are looking for.

How do I view my recent searches?
You can review your past 10 recent searches by going to your My INNsight page. You will find a dialog box named 'Recent Searches' where you can review your latest search terms and click on the links to revert back to what you might have viewed after completing your search.