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Searching for Deals on INNsight
INNsight Deals are promoted at several locations on including the Deals Home Page which is a Deals Finder and allows you to search for active deals, within Search Results, and on each property's respective Deals Page. All deals also show up within each INNkeeper's Property Profile Page. Now finding a Deal is no longer like an Easter Egg Hunt. We are confident that you'll find our Deal Finder to be extremely intuitive and easy to use.
Top Questions
  • How do I search for a deal on
  • Where can I find deals?
  • How do deals work?
Solve Problems
I enter my Stay Details but no deals pop up
You will see deals if they apply to your search criteria directly on search results. There will be a small icon that says 'Hot Deal at this Property' if there is a live deal that applies to your Stay Details. You can also visit a particular property's detail page and click on the Deals tab. If there are any live deals you can peruse them in a list here.
The deal disappeared!
Deals expire after certain criteria are met so if you perform a search for a deal and notice it has disappeared then the deal has either expired or is no longer available. If you see a deal, you'll need to hurry and Book It Now!
Finding Deals on INNsight
How do I search for a deal on
Searching for a deal on is very easy. Go to or click on the Deals link at the Global Header. You will be taken to the Deals Home Page where you will be presented a clickable geographical map of the United States and a States list to its immediate right.

To find deals by destination, simply drill down using the map or destination locater at its right. For example if you are travelling to let's say, San Francisco and you want to see all the current deals being offered there, you can click through the map and select San Francisco. Once the destination is selected all deals for that location will be populated on the page below.

If you find a deal that is of interest, click on the arrow button and you will be taken to that Property's Profile Page to enter in your Stay Details and receive a discounted rate quote. To take advantage of the deal, simply click on Book It Now and go through the normal booking process.

Where can I find deals?
Deals are exposed at several locations on The common treatment for rates which are found that have deals active is a red strike thru pricing that displays the original rate in red with a strike thru alongside the new deal rate.
Deals can be found at the following places:
  • Deal Finder on Deals Home Page:
  • In Search Results: You will find that any property that has active deals for your Stay Details will show a deal red tag icon and strike thru pricing
  • The Property Profile Page: If you search for Stay Details that have a deal associated, you will see strike thru pricing. In addition, if you click on the Deals tab on PPP you will see Deals Boxes with all live deals at the property.

How do deals work?

Deals are set up by INNkeepers to promote and sell their room inventory. Deals have a book by date meaning the date by which you would need to reserve the stay in order to take advantage of the discount. In addition to a Book By Date, a Deal has a start date and expires after a set number of days. Promotions can be alive for up to 10 days. Discounts can be either a percentage amount or a discount dollar amount. There may be a minimum number of nights required to take advantage of the deal.

All of the deals details will be viewable in the deal box itself. Discounts will be applied to the normal rate per room night. All deals are subject to availability.