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How do I market and sell my Place to Stay
INNsight .com is a marketplace designed to help INNkeeper's manage their room inventory , promote their place to stay, and sell their available rooms. is a sophisticated property management system, marketplace search and booking engine, social network and web host, all in one. We designed the platform to be economical, easy to use, and to efficiently connect travelers tor INNkeepers. Selling rooms on INNsight is easy. Read below to better understand how to get started and what tools INNsight offers you to help you sell your place to stay.
Top Questions
  • How do I sign up my property?
  • How do I set up my property?
  • INNsight Property Management System
  • How do I change my rates and other variables?
  • How do I manually take a reservation?
  • How do I edit the guest folio?
  • Checking and checking out guests
  • Where do I go to view my sales reports?
Solve Problems
When I search for rooms on my Property Profile Page, it says there are no more rooms left
If you are not displayed any room inventory after conducting a search you need to add more inventory to be displayed or your property is actually sold out and you no longer have any vacancy. The INNsight Property Management System (PMS) has been designed to be flexible in how your property is set up: You can have your inventory setup 1:1 with your actual physical property inventory or you can simply allocate a certain set of room types and inventory per room type. In either case, if your inventory is blocked or sold out, we will message that no inventory is available on your Property Profile Page or on your Standalone Website Powered by INNsight. You will need to go into your Rate Card and unblock rooms or add inventory from Room Management.
I need to edit a guest's reservation
Note that you can only make edits to a reservation that has manually been created using the PMS. Any reservations that are made by the System through or your website cannot be edited. In that case, a guest will need to make changes to their reservation themselves. In order to edit a manual reservation, you can right click on the cells corresponding to the reservation which you would like to edit and click on the 'Edit' option. Edit will open up the Guest Folio and allow you to make changes to the reservation. You can change the reservation dates, add or change rooms, or cancel the reservation.
I need to change my rates
You can easily change your rates by going to the Rate Card within the Property Management System. Simply select the date range and room types for which you would like to change your rates, enter the different rate types and click 'Update'.
I need to edit my extra adult and extra child fees
Many properties charge an extra fee for adults or children over age 12 in addition to double occupancy. If you need to edit such fees go to Rate Card and scroll to the Global Variables section and edit the fees and click on 'Update'.
All about Selling on INNsight
How do I sign up my property?
If you are interested in showing off your place to stay and selling your room inventory on INNsight, learn more by clicking here or going to:

You can list your property for free and only pay for performance: if we sell your rooms pay the lowest commissions in the industry with our INNsight 10/10 rule.

We recommend that you actually let us take the headache out of your technology needs and let us fully design and host your hotel, motel, inn, vacation rental, cabin, RV Park or any other place to stay's website with our Standalone Website Powered by INNsight product.

How do I set up my property?
Once you sign up for any one of our subscriptions you will be set up with an account manager who will ready your property in our system. We more likely than not already have your property set up and all we need to do is flip the switch and shine a light on your property for people to see. Your account manager will reach out to you and provide you any necessary training to help you set up your rates and begin selling on INNsight. If you decide to have INNsight handle all of your internet marketing needs including having a website Powered by INNsight, we will contact you and obtain information about how you would like your website designed. We'll create a customized website and get all of your internet marketing needs squared up so you can focus on your forte, INNkeeping.

INNsight Property Management System
The INNsight Property Management System (PMS) is a sophisticated and powerful application we have built to help you manage your property. The great thing is: it's absolutely free when you decide to sell your inventory on INNsight. The INNsight PMS allows you to see your entire room inventory in our Graphical Room Inventory Display or GRID. The GRID shows you the status of your rooms and easily allows you to select and book rooms manually as well. All reservations driven from or your own standalone website Powered by INNsight pop right into the GRID. You can click on the guest name in the GRID and see the Guest Info in an easy to read and navigate Folio and you can even use the PMS to manage your invoicing. Upon check out, automatically send the guest an invoice.

How do I view my room inventory?
The Room Management Tab displays the GRID or Graphical Room Inventory Display. You can easily view your property's inventory and its status visually and even manipulate reservations simply by clicking on the cells in the GRID.

The Search Bar at the top allows you to easily navigate the GRID and search by Arrival Date, Room Type, Guest Name, Room Status, or even by Room. Simply select your search criteria and click 'Search' and the GRID will display the desired results.

By clicking the left and right arrows, you can quickly navigate between dates on the GRID and visually see how your property's inventory is occupied.

In order to create a reservation or check in a guest, you can easily highlight the corresponding cell for the room and date(s) combination by left clicking on the cell(s). Once you have highlighted the configuration of the booking, right click and select the 'Book It Now' link.

How do I change my rates and other variables?
The Rate Card operates very similarly to the Room Management GRID insofar as there is a search function atop which allows you to identify the rates that you have set for any date, room type, room #, or room status.

The Rate Card also displays the color coded cells demonstrating the status of each room like the Room Management GRID. By understanding the status of the rooms, you can make more informed pricing decisions.

Rate Manager
Rate Manager and click 'Update'. In order to simplify rate management, we ask for only three rate types:

Weekend Rate: The Weekend Rate field will set the rate for Fridays and Saturdays within the selected date range/room type configuration

Base Rate: The Base Rate is the Rack Rate you would like to set for the date range/room type configuration

Floor Rate: The Floor Rate is a novel rate concept introduced to the INNsight platform which asks the question: What is the lowest rate which you are willing to sell this room on this date? Note: this rate will only be displayed with your consent as INNsight algorithmically works to sell your excess room inventory.

You can block and unblock rooms within the date range/room type configuration set in Rate Manager or even right click and block rooms directly in the GRID. Blocking a room removes it from the online inventory displayed on and/or your standalone website Powered by INNsight.

Global Variables
The Global Variables section allows you to set tax and fee related settings for your property:

Minimum Rate and Maximum Rate provides the system a low and high band of rates for its pricing algorithm and also allows for display of the annual rate range of your property.

Additional Child Fee is the dollar fee for additional children per room.

Extra Adult Fee is the dollar fee for each extra adult over double occupancy

Room Tax Rate is the percentage room tax that is charged at the property.

Is Adult Age Greater than 12 is a check box which allows you to set whether you consider a teenager an adult at your property. In order to make any changes to the above settings edit the field(s) and click 'Update'.

How do I manually take a reservation?
You can use the INNsight PMS to manage your property for free. You can book a room manually using the PMS to ensure property inventory management and to professionally handle any over the phone reservations. When you create a booking manually, the system automatically sends a reservation confirmation email to the guest and ensures that the room is booked. The INNsight PMS makes your bookkeeping simple. You can book a room manually in one of three ways:
  • You can go to the Room Management tab and select the room and date configuration in the GRID by left clicking on the cells and then right-clicking and selecting 'Book It Now'. Upon clicking 'Book It Now', you will see a pop up which will take you through the booking process. Step 1 asks for the booking guest's name or INNsight User ID or email address. If you enter the INNsight User ID or email address and the guest is a return guest, it will reconcile their personal details. After inputting the name of the guest, move onto Step 2 and edit your guest details. Note: if you select more adults and children than the room can accommodate, you will need to cancel and select a room type which can accommodate the party in its entirety. In Step 3, select the appropriate room number/type assignment and the click 'Finish'. Once you are done with the initial setup, you will be taken to that reservation's Guest Folio to complete the remaining data fields. After you have filled out all necessary fields, you can click 'Save'. Upon clicking Save, the user is sent a Reservation Confirmation email and INNbox message.
  • Let's say you need to obtain the rate for the room first, you can click on Rate Card, query the room and date that is available and right-click and book directly from the Rate Card after reviewing the rate with the potential guest. Simply click on 'Book It Now' after selecting the room/date configuration in the Rate Card GRID and then follow the same instructions detailed in number 1 above.
  • If you click on 'Resevations' in the left navigation you will be able to quickly make a reservation for any date. Just follow the same instructions as in number 1 above. You will only be able to select room/date configurations based on availability.
How do I edit the guest folio?
Note you can only make edits to reservations that you might have manually created using the INNsight PMS. Any bookings driven by the System from or your Standalone website cannot be edited. In the case a guest contacts you to make edits to their reservation which is made through or your website, you will need to ask them to cancel or modify their reservation through their My INNsight account. In order to edit a manually created reservation, simply find the reservation you would like to edit in the GRID and right click to select the 'Edit Details' option. Clicking 'Edit Details' will open up the Guest Folio and allow you to make edits to the guest's address and contact details, payment method, or special requests directly. If you would like to change the room assignment, reservation date, add rooms, or edit the rate, click on the 'Change' button in the Stay Details box and follow the 3-step process.

Checking and checking out guests
You can use the INNsight PMS to manage check ins and check outs. To check in a guest, right click on the guest name in the GRID and click on 'Check In'. Clicking on 'Check In' will take you to that guests folio and allow you to make any necessary edits to their folio. Note: You can only check in guests on their day of arrival. Checking out a guest requires you to zero out their balance in their Folio. To check out a guest, go to the guest's Folio and ensure that you have marked all of their line items paid and then click 'Check Out'. Clicking 'Check Out' will send an invoice to the guest for their stay and a request to leave an INNsight (feedback) about their stay at your INN. Note: You can only check out guests on their date of departure and if their Folio balance is zero.

Where do I go to view my Sales Reports?
The more you utilize the INNsight PMS the more insights you can gain. By using the INNsight PMS to manage your property, you will have more real-time inventory management to drive your property, and your sales reports will become more accurate and depict the actual performance of your property. If, however, you only use the INNsight PMS sparingly, your sales reports will only reflect the selling that you do via INNsight and not the overall performance of your property. Sales Reports are broken down by Daily, Monthly, and Annual Sales Reports. Daily Sales reports reflect your daily performance. In addition to your accounting metrics, we measure traditional property management performance metrics such as:

Room Revenue – Room revenue for the day

Room Occupancy – Total number of rooms occupied

Average Daily Rate – The average rate for the day

Occupancy Rate – A percentage of the total number rooms that are occupied

RevPAR-How well are you maximizing your real estate? RevPAR or Revenue Per Available Room helps you determine how your real estate is performing. RePAR is calculated by dividing Room Revenue by Total Number of Rooms.

You can print and download your reports so you can further analyze your performance or manipulate the data to create insightful reports about your property's performance.