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Threshold Virtual TourTM

Threshold’s interactive virtual tours deeply engage viewers and help tell the story of each location. The detailed, user-controllable 360° views help bring the location experience to life and provide the key decision-grade information required by users to choose to book or visit.

The Threshold Platform incorporates customizable Collection Maps, which allows your sales and services teams to curate and share virtual tour-enabled maps of neighborhoods easily. Threshold Collection Maps make it simple to highlight high-value locations and provide a full location context.

Google Upload

Easily publish the 360 virtual tours to your My Google Business listing and instantly start garnering web-wide traffic and visitors.

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Do You Want A Cutting-Edge 3D Virtual Tour of Your Hotel?
See What Our Customers Have To Say:

With the versatile facility of 3D Virtual Tour, the online reputation of my hotel was boosted as it improved the listing on my Google Business. Threshold modern and advanced features create a fascinating outlook of the hotel. The audience gains a virtual glimpse of the surrounding hotel, which helped them navigate the locality. The organic reach is increased by actual numbers as a clear vision is portrayed in the customer's mind about the hotel's infrastructure.

- Charlie, US
Stage Coach Lodge

The 3D Virtual Tour was beneficial for the customers because it easily located the nearby places and avenues. Furthermore, with the growing increase in reach, the customers understood the neighborhood in an advanced manner. The report provided by Threshold Analytics help me better understand the ratio of improvement increased in the organic reach of the hotel. It also supplied a chart explanation regarding the hotel's ongoing popularity after partnering with this advanced facility exclusively handed out by INNsight.

- Michael, US.
Yosemite Westgate Lodge

Frequently Asked Questions

Threshold 360 is the leading platform for 360° virtual tour creation and publishing in the travel and hospitality industries. Threshold 360 works with Destinations, Hotels and Resorts, Venue and Conference Centers, and other location businesses to significantly increase their digital engagement and conversions. Threshold works with over 100 Destinations across North America, including Visit Austin, San Francisco Travel, and Boston USA, and with major brands and boutique Hotels and Resorts like Marriott, Hilton, Epicurean, and Tradewinds Hotels. Threshold 360 has partnered with INNsight® to offer special pricing for their virtual tours for client hotels.

Threshold’s interactive virtual tours deeply engage viewers and help tell the story of a location. The detailed, user-controllable 360° experience helps bring the location to life online and provides the key decision-grade information required by users to choose to book or visit. Threshold Virtual Tours are not a video, but a collection of 360° images stitched or “connected” together to create a seamless experience of each keyspace of a location, allowing users to discover and interact with your location X.

Explore some Virtual Tour examples.

A typical Hotel capture takes between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the size of the property. A small, single-room location venue might take 15 minutes

Explore more Capture Resources.

Contact your INNsight account manager or fill out this form to get in touch with Threshold and schedule a shoot.

The cost of producing and publishing Threshold Virtual Tours of your location includes a one-time Capture Fee of $499 to create the virtual tour (up to 10 virtual tour spaces i.e., room types and amenities), and an Annual Platform Fee of $499 in order to embed the virtual tour on your website. The Platform Fee also allows you to publish your virtual tours across a number of key marketing and sales channels.

  • The ability of to embed the virtual tours on your website
  • Ability to share virtual tours via a link on social media, in sales proposals, and your booking sites (where external links are accepted)
  • Ability to create and share interactive maps highlighting proximity to nearby points of interest
  • Each virtual tour will be automatically added to your Google Business Listing
  • Access to Analytics to monitor Views, Engagements, and other key metrics

360° virtual tours result in a 48 percent increase in reservations (a survey by Best Western proved).

Virtual tours have even more advantages for hotels:

  • Your website will get twice as much attention with a 360° tour by increasing visitor engagement.
  • A virtual tour keeps your hotel's doors open all the time. A potential guest may see and get a sense of the interior and all of the hotel’s features.
  • Because a 360° tour is interactive, it appears to be far more compelling than a static image.
  • A virtual tour is still something special these days. It inculcates a sense of worth.
  • “Hmm, if they put in the time to build a 360° tour, they must be quite attentive with other things as well!” a guest would think. When you make an effort for your visitors, they appreciate it.

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