Blogging System

Our Blog Management System is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking for traffic to convert. Different panels like ‘View Blogs, ‘Blog Categories,’ and ‘Create Blog’ allow you the upper hand in complete access and blog management. It helps you set up all the categories to assign new blogs, displaying all the blogs written or published on your website in one location. You can publish once you've finished authoring your blog and set up search engine propagation.

View Blogs Panel

The View Blogs Panel shows all of the blogs drafted or published to your website in one place.  This Panel allows you to search for specific content and edit, and delete any blog entries.  The blogs that have been created using the Blog Platform are all shown in chronological order from newest to oldest. 

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Blog Categories

Blog Categories is a panel where you will set up all the categories to assign new blogs. 

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Create Your Blog

Create Blog is the panel where you will complete all of your blog writing and search engine propagation setup. 

The INNsight Blog Platform is an easy-to-use system to help share details about your property, things-to-do, and attractions to help build your website’s page rank and help drive more traffic to your website while providing additional content for guests to engage and learn about your property.

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