INNsight will custom design or re-design your hospitality business website entirely for free and then host it on its servers for free. In addition, our 99%+ up-time will ensure that your business website or email delivery is highly available and experience little or no downtime.
Quick Content Delivery


Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) will ensure that all of your photos and rich media are served to the customer quickly and efficiently. Custom pages, Virtual Tours, Videos, and Photographs will be hosted on our CDN and quickly be dished up to customers visiting your website from anywhere in The World.
Easy & Flexible


Once you decide on letting INNsight power your hotel, restaurant, salon, golf course, or winery business website, you won’t ever need to worry about domain management: INNsight will purchase your website domain on your behalf or transfer and manage it for free. Likewise, you won’t need to worry about DNS management: INNsight will be your point of contact for any of your domain management needs.
High Storage & Capacity


INNsight will manage all of the certification and data integrity requirements for managing your business website. INNsight is bonded and insured by a Cyber Policy. INNsight follows the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) protocol to ensure that all personally identifiable data is secured, potentially including credit card details. And INNsight ensures that copyright laws protect your content and images are licensed.
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See What Our Customers Have To Say:

"INNsight services (hosting, support, cost, and so on) are "simply the best!" I've been a customer for several years and have had nothing but positive interactions with your sales and support staff. In addition, any issues that have arisen as a result of my fault or other factors have been quickly resolved, often exceeding my expectations."

- Thomas, US
Stage Coach Lodge

"INNsight is the gold standard when it comes to web hosting." They indeed are a cut above. Over the years, I've tried several hosting companies and always felt like a number. INNsight gives the impression that they genuinely care. The customer service is outstanding. There are so many professional people, but today I'd like to recognize quick insight and prompt assistance. Thank you very much, INNsight!

- Lawrence, US
Yosemite Westgate Lodge

Web hosting is an an online service that manages the technical infrastructure that allows you to publish your website files onto the internet, so anyone who has access to the internet has access to your website. For example, INNsight hosts your hotel website Powered by INNsight on our web servers that offer 99.99% uptime, speed, and scalability, for free.

INNsight’s Web Hosting has these unique characteristics:

  • Easy Data Transfer
  • Great Storage Space
  • Control Panel Features
  • Privacy And Security
  • Website Design and Digital Marketing System built-in
  • Technical Support
  • Domain Management
  • Secure and Private: SSL, PCI, GDPR

There are three INNsight subscription packages that you can subscribe to that are built on INNsight’s web hosting framework.

  • Lite
  • Basic
  • Premium

Under all of them you will see that we offer web hosting.

With INNsight, you'll never again have to worry about domain management. Instead, you can have INNsight purchase, transfer, and manage your website domain for free. It is not necessary to transfer the management of your domain. However, most customers elect to have INNsight manage the domain on their behalf to streamline configuration and reduce maintenance costs. The domain always remains the property of the trademark owner.


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