So How Does This Work?

Develop A Content Strategy

Step 1: Develop A Content Strategy

We evaluate your business and destination market and help you craft a strategy to develop high keyword content to help deliver content that your customers want. We can help you determine topics that are compelling and have the highest potential to drive more organic traffic to your business blog.

Draft Unique & Compelling Content

Step 2: Draft Unique & Compelling Content

Draft high-quality content utilizing research and SEO best practices and use the INNsight Blogging Platform to draft your blog post.

We Publish & Promote

Step 3: We Publish & Promote

The INNsight Blogging Platform can help you manage an editorial calendar and mix the content to keep your hotel’s website’s blog fresh and relevant and then we strategically publish blog posts and syndicate these posts on your social media sites. Additionally, our Social Media Team continuously researches local events and things to do and posts to your social media feeds weekly to help increase your business website’s search standing and social connectivity.

We Track & Analyze

Step 4: We Track & Analyze

Use INNsight’s analytics reports to track and analyze the performance of our content work and replicate what works or steer your content strategy to what works to help drive more traffic to your hotel’s website.

Subscribe to Premium, and Access The Blogging Platform
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Professional content writers with high-quality material and the most acceptable SEO practices work for INNsight. They have assisted in increasing traffic to our company's website. Each month, INNsight Premium Subscribers will receive a unique 400+ word blog entry. It will help you get more conversions on your business through blogs content.

Stage Coach Lodge

INNsight's unique and exciting content engages readers and turns them into active members of communities. They assess our company and the destination market, then devise a strategy for creating high-keyword content that will assist us to produce content that our clients want. They helped our organization with the creation of professional blog material that Google appreciated.

- Micheal, US
Yosemite Westgate Lodge

Premium INNsight Subscribers get access to the Blog Management Tool, which provides a dedicated Blog on your hotel website Powered by INNsight and the tools to draft, edit and publish blog posts. You will find the Blog Management Tool in the CMS.

A dedicated hotel blog provides a great platform for sharing useful content and musings with your guests and interested readers who may be searching for information that you are sharing. A blog provides fresh content, and successful blogs can be compelling and draw loyal readers. Most importantly, an effective blogging strategy seeded with unique content can be a huge driver of direct organic traffic as a blog plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimization. A blog can be the biggest asset to your online presence and is integral to the INNsight Guest Development Platform™.

The purpose of the Blog Manager or Blogger is to guarantee that the organization invests in developing content that generates more leads and sales—creating a content plan and deciding which blog topics to prioritize. A blogger’s lofty responsibility is to keep track of a blogging calendar to make sure posts go out on schedule, recruit and supervise writers, and gather unique and attractive content and rich media to seed the blog.

  • You are representing a business, so be professional at all times
  • Limit your blogging to factual themes (such as attractions and property features or events) rather than opinionated pieces.
  • Be original and unique, and make sure you are not plagiarizing content.
  • Confidential information should not be discussed.
  • When it comes to language and decorum, use professional standards and avoid controversy.
  • Include photos and other content that is licensed or original art.
  • Spell check and grammar check before publishing.

Creating and maintaining a company blog is a terrific method to increase awareness, attract new customers, and communicate with current ones. It is quite simple to start a blog. However, a successful blog needs a little more effort. You need to be prodigious in creating unique content that captures your audience’s attention and gets promoted online while driving traffic through keywords. Research local events and things to do and post to blog posts weekly to help increase your business website’s search standing and social connectivity.

YES, blogging aids in client engagement for business owners. Blogging brings like-minded people and groups together and demonstrates that you are an authority for topics related to your hotel’s facilities, destination, and nearby attractions and businesses. Blogging aids in increasing search engine traffic to a website. Journalists might utilize blogging to convey their personal perspectives on a matter with their followers. In contrast, a business can leverage a blog to share content about places to see, dine, visit and promote their product and services.


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