Millions of travelers around the world search for hotels on Google every day. Your hotel's booking link with real-time room prices and availability will be visible in Google Search and Maps.

With your hotel's direct booking link displayed to users across Google Search and Maps, travelers will be able to book directly with your property. You control the guest experience on your site and own the guest data.

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Simply opt-in with us to send your rates to Google. That’s it! There is no further work. We handle all the details for you.

Use Our Zero-Commission ADA Complaint Internet Booking Engine

Travelers will be able to book directly with you using INNsight’s powerful Internet Booking Engine that offers ADA-Compliance, WCAG 2.1 Level AA Conformity, PCI Compliance, and ZERO Commissions.

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INNsight can help you increase your direct bookings with Google Hotel Search

How It Works

Opt-in with us to send rates to Google
Enable Google as a channel and opt-in your web rates with us today.
Get more direct bookings
Your hotel booking link with rates and availability will automatically begin to show, so travelers can book directly with your hotel.
Opt-in with us today and begin showing your rates on Google

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Let INNsight & Google Drive More Direct Bookings For Your Hotel

Google Ads provides sponsored advertisements that display in search results on and advertisements that appear on other websites via the Display Network and Google's AdSense program.

Yes, Google Hotel Search Ads are dedicated to hotels and display rates and inventory to visitors who are specifically searching for hotel accommodations.

  • To send and manage your hotel pricing and availability on Google Hotels, create a Google Hotel Center account.
  • Connect the advertisements to your prices and availability. Connect a Google Ads account to your Hotel Center account.
  • Start using Google Ads to promote your hotel. Set a budget for your campaign and decide whether you want to pay per click for each booking.


Simply subscribe to use INNsight’s Zero-Commission Internet Booking Engine for Hotels. INNsight will connect your rooms, rates, and inventory directly to Google Hotel

Search almost instantly so you can start driving commission-free bookings to your hotel.

  • Create a new Google account.
  • Go to for more information.
  • Add the Name of your company.
  • Input the business address.
  • Indicate service areas.
  • Select a business category.
  • Add a phone number and a link to your website.

With your hotel’s direct booking link displayed to users across Google Search and Maps, travelers will be able to book directly with your property. You control the guest experience on your site, own the guest data, and offer the lowest prices online with your INNsight Central Reservation connectivity to Google Hotel Search.

  • Hotel Search PPC is more efficient and drives more ROI than traditional search ads PPC because of its targeting.
  • Raises your hotel’s brand awareness in local search
  • Extends your hotel’s reach to one of the highest dedicated traffic sources for hotel bookings
  • Delivers a more aggressive approach against your competitors.

Zero. INNsight charges no commission for any reservations driven through its revolutionary Internet Booking Engine for Hotels.


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