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We begin our unique approach to designing your custom website as soon as you subscribe to INNsight. An Account Manager will take the time to listen to your goals and designs tastes, perform extensive research and then work with some of the best hospitality website designers in the industry to develop a mock-up.



Once you are satisfied with your website's design, our developers code your website to make it easy to navigate and manage with the INNsight Content Management System.

Content is King

Content is King

Our talented copywriters then take over and begin to research about your business and locale to create compelling Search Engine Friendly content that will drive visitors to your website and once there, get them to book!

Ready to Launch

Ready to Launch

We share your business website with you and once you bless it, we launch!

Hotel Website Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

A hotel should update and revamp its online presence every two to three years. This timeline, in theory, keeps consumers engaged with your brand, allows you to pick up the latest coding trends and rich media modules, and refreshes your online content to be in line with the physical aspects of your hotel and improvements to your product offering and services.

Absolutely, Yes! Guests look for information about your hotel and the first place they seek to get details is your own hotel website due to its authority. Because information is available at all times, it is critical to be displayed appealingly and maintained properly. A hotel’s website is also the primary means of communicating with visitors and is the authority on the property’s facilities, amenities, rates, and inventory. Guests will book directly on your website if you provide them the ability to do so, especially if you provide deals and discounted rates. A hotel website Powered by INNsight provides the innkeeper an easy-to-use platform to connect with guests directly and drive more reservations at zero commission.

Responsive Web Design is a paradigm where the design and development should adapt to the user's behavior and environment, taking into account screen size, platform, and orientation. Flexible grids and layouts, pictures, and the use of CSS media queries are all part of the design process. Basically, a responsive website flexes and adjusts per device and configuration without being re-rendered or making unnecessary hits to the database. The best hotel websites are built by INNsight and offer responsive ADA-compliant design and render seamlessly and quickly, offering a fast page load time and the best SEO and page rank on search engines.

Homepage - This is the most popular web page that is the landing page for your website.

About Us - The "About Us" page is a crucial page that offers visitors information about your hotel, facilities, and the services you provide.

Contact Page - Include an email address and a phone number so that visitors may immediately find the methods to contact your hotel staff. A short form with fields will assist your staff in determining who is contacting them.

Privacy Policy Page - A privacy policy is a document that informs site visitors about the information you gather and how you use it. Simply said, it's a brief description of what you're doing to track visits to and on your website.

Overview Page - Your Overview page is one of the most important pages on your hotel website, as it explains what amenities and facilities you offer and how your hotel differs from the competition. It all starts with communication. Using a range of photography/graphics and descriptive content will help tie everything together and provide the guest a feeling of what to expect during their stay at your hotel.

Reservations Page - The reservations page is the web page that assists guests in querying rates and availability and deciding what room to rent. This page will cover a variety of specifications and features about room types and rates to assist in answering inquiries, providing reviews, displaying all policies, allowing comparison of room types, and facilitating the booking process.

Consistency, colors, font, imagery, simplicity, and usefulness are all characteristics that contribute to successful website design. There are several important elements to consider while developing a website that will influence how it is perceived. A well-designed hotel website can aid in the development of trust and the prompting of visitors to take action and book their stay directly with you.

The act of routinely reviewing your website for bugs and errors and keeping it updated and current is known as website maintenance. To keep your website traffic healthy, we encourage ongoing Search Engine Optimization, content updates to keep your website fresh, and social media management to help drive more incremental traffic. The team at INNsight manages the hosting and SEO of your website and provides the innkeeper the tools to manage rates and inventory, and content on your website with the click of a button.

You will be assigned an account manager when you subscribe to INNsight. Your dedicated professional will be the liaison between you and our esteemed design team. Your Account Manager will consult with you, determine your design philosophy, desired colors, scheme, and work with the Designers to create a high-quality mockup of your new website. The Account Manager will then share this mock-up with you and iterate on the design until you green light it and send it into production. In addition, you will be able to adjust elements of your design simply by consulting with your account manager.

Yes, your website Powered by INNsight will help you achieve ADA Title III compliance and adhere to Section 36.302e of the code. INNsight is the leader in online Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and has pioneered technology to assist in ensuring your website is fully compliant with ADA Title III and is also web-accessible. In addition, your website Powered by INNsight will be coded to Level AA standards of the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2.1 and also will have our proprietary patent-pending ADA Tray® assistive technology embedded

INNsight and its technology have helped defend hotels from serial litigant claims of online ADA compliance and is seen as ‘the paragon of ADA Accessibility’ by key ADA plaintiff’s attorneys. INNsight websites are the Gold Standard of ADA Accessibility Online. Please see our work on online ADA compliance.


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