We ensure that your business is represented online and every guest review is heard. It is highly important to assess and address feedback from each of your guests, so our professional US Based/English Proficient Content Writers Reply to Every Online Review (Good or Bad) Within 48 Hours. INNsight will actively manage your online reputation and respond to reviews on these popular reputation platforms:

Medallia: Experience Management Software Platform
High Impact Review Response

Help Drive Positive Reviews and Filter Out Negative Reviews With
Our Real-Time Guest Review QR Code

  • Easy to Set Up for Hoteliers and Intuitive for Guests To Use
  • Boosts ROI by Increasing More Positive Online Guest Reviews
  • Improves The Guest Experience and Relationship
  • More Personalization and Connection with Your Guests

The Most Powerful
Hotel Reputation Management System in the Industry

The Most Powerful Hotel Reputation Management System In The Industry
  • See all of your reviews in one easy-to-use dashboard which curates reviews from all top online reputation platforms
  • See the responses that are skillfully written to each online review and auto-approve or manually publish responses
  • We tag each review and extract the customer sentiment to provide deeper insights
  • Analyze trend data to track and see improvement in your online reputation
  • Determine problem areas with your product and services and address them with a built-in ticketing system
  • Monthly Reputation Scorecard Reports

Get The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

We've made managing your hotel's online reputation a no-brainer. For as little as $159/month, you will have a dedicated account manager proactively manage your online reputation, access to a plethora of reputation management software tools and analytics reporting. Reputation Management by INNsight will yield:

Proactive Online Reputation Management
Starting at just $159/month! A subscription that you can cancel at any time!

See What Our Customers Have To Say:

Our hotel's TripAdvisor ranking has risen from #36 in Monterey, a dynamic and competitive market, to #5 since we started using INNsight's Reputation Management. We can't believe we're one of Monterey's highest-rated hotels. Our little 26-unit motel is on par with the city's big luxury hotels. Sure, our product and personnel are excellent. Still, INNsight's reputation system is critical in generating more reviews, providing excellent customer service with responses, and the monthly reports are invaluable in helping us improve our product and service. The impact is enormous. Our revenue has increased by more than 200 percent. The return on investment (ROI) is enormous at $129 per month. No-brainer.

Stage Coach Lodge
- Ron
General Manager

The Reputation Management System from INNsight is the best software we've ever purchased to assist us in managing our online reputation. We've witnessed a significant increase in the number of reviews we get from OTAs and other review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. We also use the program to request more reviews and can spot horrible reviews and treat them with care before the guest can submit a negative review on a public website. I like the monthly analytics report and being able to go into the system and see all of the reviews activity from all over the internet in one location. I highly recommend INNsight's program and services to help manage your hotel's reputation.

Yosemite Southgate Lodge
- Debbie
General Manager

Online reputation management for hotels is the practice of monitoring and controlling how your hotel property and business is perceived throughout the web by customers who leave reviews online, particularly with review aggregators such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and industry-specific booking websites.

Research shows that 83% of people trust recommendations from friends, and nearly 70% trust guest reviews. A good reputation shows you are an expert in your field, which results in more site traffic and more business.

You need to actively manage every single online review that you get and triage negative reviews while relishing positive reviews. Be polite and try to document as many negative reviews as you can and take action to improve your product and services. The best way to fix a damaged reputation is to strengthen your online presence with positive content highlighting your staff’s hard work to provide an enjoyable guest experience.

INNsight will actively manage your online reputation on popular online reputation aggregator platforms such as Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Expedia, and Medallia. In addition, if you are subscribed to INNsight’s Premium Package, your account manager will also monitor and manage your social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, providing you with a holistic view of your online reputation.

The best example that we can consider is anti-virus software for your computer. There are hardly 25 guys on this planet who can handle anti-virus protection on their own because it needs extensive technical expertise. For the common maxim, every man performs at his own business best. We have a dedicated account manager who will manage your online reputation in the best possible way utilizing tools and best practices we have developed to help drive a positive online reputation that consequently drives better guest engagement and higher conversion of online sales.

Your dedicated account manager will monitor reviews across Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, your Online Travel Agents, and your website activity and reply to all reviews with a uniquely written response leveraging our best practices within two days or 48 hours of receiving the review. This falls within the service level agreements many franchises enforce on their franchisees to respond to their reviews.

The Reputation Management System provides an easy-to-use portal that pulls all reviews from major reputation aggregator websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, Online Travel Agents, and your website Powered by INNsight. This portal provides a view of all reviews, responses posted by your account manager, Sentiment Analysis which pulls key customer data analysis, charting and reporting, and tools to solicit more reviews online. Additionally, INNsight layers on active account management, and professional US-based content writers who draft professional review responses using our best practices.

Subscribers can expect a detailed Monthly Reputations Trend Report which details all of the reviews and responses and key metrics about their online reputation scores. Additionally, when you log in, you will see a Sentiment Analysis section where we have teased out the key areas of focus that customers have raved about so you can learn more about what you are doing great and what can be improved upon.

Yes, The Reviews Panel in the Reputation Management System will show you all reviews from major reputation platforms in one place. Your account manager will draft responses, and you can have the option to approve them before they are posted or set permissions to allow your account manager to post responses automatically.

Starting at just $159 per month, the services include authentically drafted review responses by US-based content writers, robust reporting, and a software system that manages all inbound reviews, responses, and analytics. Or you can sign up for INNsight’s Premium subscription and get all the bells and whistles: a professionally designed website, digital marketing, and reputation management all-inclusive. You can cancel at any time, and there are no long-term contracts! We trust in our product and services and know that you will see a massive Return on Investment with INNsight’s Reputation Management System.

Yes, the Reputation Management System has the ability to solicit guest reviews post-stay and segregate negative reviews so you can triage the issues and prevent damaging reviews from hitting the public domain on major reviews websites. Additionally, our tools will drive more reviews, thereby increasing your standing on the internet.

Yes. Simply log into My INNsight and navigate to the Reputation Management System tool, and you can find all of the reviews from major reviews aggregator websites and the responses that have been drafted by your account manager, all in one easy-to-read panel.

If you utilize INNsight’s Reviews Solicitation feature, we are able to identify negative reviews before they potentially are posted online and damage your reputation. Once a guest completes their stay, we send a review response email which summons the guest to enter our review response form. This questionnaire determines whether the guest sentiment is negative or positive and suggests leaving a positive review on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and/or Google for wider recommendation or flag and direct negative feedback to the appropriate guest relations manager in order to triage. This disintermediation logic helps to mitigate negative reviews while providing solid customer relationship management and spurring more positive online reviews.

Subscribe to INNsight’s Reputation Management System and reduce the risk of being charged penalties by your franchise. For example, Choice, Wyndham, and IHG have been reported to charge their franchisees for not replying to their online reviews, especially Medallia, within strict turnaround times. INNsight’s RMS will help improve the turnaround of review replies and reduce the risk of being levied fines by your franchise. Note: INNsight does not take responsibility for any fees associated with reputation management that franchise levies upon its franchisees.

Yes, if you subscribe to our Premium Subscription, we include Reputation Management for free. Not only will you have a killer website with all of the bells and whistles and a managed Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing solution, but INNsight will also manage your online reputation. There is no industry solution as robust and effective at driving direct revenue at such an affordable price as INNsight's Premium Package. Sign up today!


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