When users see your business social media profile page, it's likely for the first time. Just like with your PC and mobile website, a first impression is priceless. INNsight will outfit your pages with high-resolution cover photos, profile photos, additional supporting photos, descriptions, and details of your business. Impress your audience on social media with INNsight.

Keep Your Business Social Media Fresh

Keep Your Business Social Media Fresh

Now that you've got your social media pages up and running, it's time to add content - Not just any content, but unique, engaging, interesting, and valuable content that users will want to read and respond to. INNsight will post content on your behalf to various social media outlets directly relevant to your business, your location, and your industry.

Likes and Followers - Popularity on Social Media

Want to increase your bookings and appointments? Show off your website with rich media that includes high-resolution photos, videos, virtual tours, room plans, menus, services, course maps, and more. This eye candy has proven to improve conversion rates and turn more lookers into bookers. Seamlessly update high-resolution photos of your business with the INNsight CMS as soon as you get them. Then, as you get more, upload those too - Show off your property and/or business!

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With their social media marketing services, INNsight has helped my hotel business reach new heights, and I am grateful. It has become elementary in terms of reaching out to a broader audience and converting more leads. Their services are outstanding, and I strongly encourage people to use them for social media marketing. Thank you for your excellent work, INNsight

Blair W, US
Stage Coach Lodge

I am grateful to INNsight for increasing the visibility of my hotel. As a result, my hotel business is now flooded with reservations and bookings. Additionally, INNsight's Social Media Marketing services have been highly beneficial in increasing my sales and attracting new customers. I am incredibly fortunate to have discovered INNsight .

- Noah F, US
Yosemite Westgate Lodge

Here are the primary social media platforms your hotel must be on -

  • Facebook - Facebook is the world’s biggest social network, so it is important to maintain your presence on it. Facebook offers a great platform to showcase your business and engage with guests and the wider community while sharing interesting news, posts, deals, and offers. You will get a custom-designed microsite on Facebook when INNsight manages your social media.
  • Instagram - Instagram is an excellent platform for sharing photos of your hotel and nearby attractions.
  • Twitter - Twitter is best used to keep guests up to date on what's going on right now. It's the social media platform you can use to interact with guests while they're staying with you or after they have checked out.
  • Pinterest - Pinterest isn't just for sharing photos. Pinterest is a social media platform where you can save and organize your ideas. Make sure you provide relevant material that pinners can review and use later.

Quality followers increase organically when a social media account has vivid and consistently posted engaging material and certain promotional tactics.

  • Social media marketing helps you enhance your brand personality by connecting with customers and broadcasting messages to create a voice.
  • You can use social media to post polls or open-ended questions to get speedy responses and get to know your audience better.
  • Social media provides your hotel with numerous innovative options to communicate with other hospitality brands in previously unavailable ways.
  • Social media marketing can increase brand awareness and brand recognition which is crucial for growing your business online and offline.

No, there are various reasons people follow your brand on different social media platforms. Your audience is not necessarily the same across all platforms, so syndicating your content across multiple social media platforms is not punitive but may not be tailored enough per the social media platform and may hinder search engine page rank since the content will not be unique. INNsight recommends tailoring posts per platform since the engagement and type of content per platform is different.

You should avoid these common bad practices on social media: inconsistency, spamming, having many profiles on each platform, and not communicating with your audience. Doing this can confuse your audience, while others will prompt them to unfollow and report your business.

Drafting a batch of social posts ahead of time and scheduling them will save you a lot of time in your social media management. HootSuite is a fantastic tool for scheduling posts because it allows you to do it across several social media platforms.

Several variables determine the ideal time to publish on social media. While the platform you use and the industry you work in are important, your audience’s activity is the most important factor. As a result, you should analyze your post-performance to obtain useful information regarding the best post time for your business. Once you identify the patterns associated with your social network on a particular platform, schedule your posts accordingly.

To get started with social media marketing, you'll need a goal, a target audience, and a strategy. Our digital marketers at INNsight will build an appropriate action plan for your business once you subscribe to INNsight’s Digital Marketing Services.


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