Why Every Hotel Website Should Have A Blog

Gone are the days when very few people had a blog, and they used it as a platform to express their emotions and opinions. 


Today, every brand that has an online presence NEEDS a blog! 


According to Hubspot, B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not.




Blogging is one of the most obvious ways to convey information on the internet because, despite having exciting audio-visual media, textual content that is well-written, unique, and informative still manages to garner the most attention and the highest value in attracting attention online. Having a blog that is educational and fun to discover has proven to be a great way to connect with your desired audience.  This should serve enough of a reason to get you to start a blog for your hotel or restaurant website.


Let’s dive deeper and understand the benefits of blogging for your hospitality business:


How Can Blogging Increase Traffic and Generate Better Leads For Your Business?

1. A Blog Makes Your Website Search Engine Optimized


Blog SEO

Search Engine Optimization hugely contributes to the overall growth of your hotel website traffic generation. When prospective customers enter a related search term in Google, and if your website comes up within the first two pages of the search results, this helps establish credibility and drives direct traffic to your website.


You may be aware that Google and other major search engines penalize websites for keyword stuffing. This Black-Hat Technique is used to trick Google into believing that your website’s content has all of the essential keywords and material necessary to rank higher in search results.


Without a blog, you restrict your website to a fixed number of generic pages, limiting the possibility of ranking higher due to limited static content. Blogging gives your website the endless opportunity to create keyword-rich informational pages based on your niche, that are also helpful to your customers, and help build a library of pages with unique content offering an expansion of your online real estate. 


Having vibrant, relevant, and original content on your blog is the way to go! Keep adding fresh and educationally useful content on your blog regularly. This consistency will be loved by your readers as well as by Google and other search engines. 


SEO might sound like a highly technical word, but it's not honestly that difficult. You could either spend some time learning about SEO and how to write SEO-friendly content for your website blog or hire a reliable Digital Marketing Service provider like INNsight who will do the job for you. 


Having a dedicated blog for your business will improve your hotel or restaurant website page rank on major search engines.


2. Makes Your Business More Genuine


Makes Your Business More Genuine


Google does not favor websites that are static and hardly change in content.


Similarly, people are also not fond of a website that hardly updates its content. It gives them a feeling that a website exists just for the sake of it and that there is no effort behind the website to engage with the customer.


In 2011, Google announced an update to its ranking algorithm, "designed to properly understand how to distinguish the level of freshness you need for each unique query." For example, if you search for a current event that is occurring in your locale, you might see a blog that is just minutes old ranking at the top of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)!


Additionally, comments on your website blogs last longer than on a Facebook post or Twitter response. When customers see your interactions, they see your website and its blog as an authoritative voice.


Maintaining a blog on your hotel website is not a hard nut to crack.  All you need is to implement a solid blogging software, link to your blog from your website, and create unique pieces of content that provide your customer with the knowledge they are looking for on a frequent basis.


3. Gives Your Website and Business Authority


Gives Your Website and Business Authority


A dedicated blog is the simplest way to create reliable authority in the hospitality industry. Having a dedicated blog helps set you apart from not only your competitors but also establishes an authority that distinguishes your hotel from an Online Travel Agent listing of your business, thereby driving more direct engagement and helping drive more traffic to your website and drive conversion at higher margins.


Therefore, utilize blogging to your fullest advantage to share all hotel-related information and build authority for your brand, hotel, and hospitality services.


You can hit upon various topics about the hotel industry that matter directly to your customers. You can even talk about your hotel’s facilities and services that the readers might find intriguing.  You can discuss local events or blog about things to do so your guests can discover more about how your hotel is conveniently located.


This strategy will go a long way in contributing to out-competing other hotels in your area. Especially if your hotel is aggressive in local marketing, the chances are that you will be able to generate leads more quickly.


4. Helps You Target The Right Audience


Helps You Target The Right Audience


A hotel blog and its content help potential guests get the answers they want about your property or destination.


Think about the customer path-to-purchase: How do your guests initiate their hotel booking process?
Well, most start by searching on Google, first for really broad/general terms ("San Francisco hotel"), and then for increasingly specific keywords ("San Francisco hotel near Fisherman's Wharf"). You can use such keyword research to direct the topics of your blog posts. 


Provide your potential guests with all of the relevant information they need to answer such questions and lead them to your website to make their booking decision.


Don't forget; your blog is an evolving collection of articles, keywords, and expertise that a reliable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign asks for. 


The more you feature in search engine results pages, the more traffic you get to your website. And you get there by using keywords and blogging with unique, well-written, engaging content.


5. Blogging Creates an Ecosystem


Blogging Creates an Ecosystem

??A dedicated blog is an integral part of your website and overall digital marketing footprint. A blog serves as a central piece of your social marketing ecosystem.


A blog on your website is not just useful for sharing information and updates--a blog also helps elicit the reader’s feedback. Syndicating blog content to social media posts on Facebook and Twitter helps with social media reach and drives visitors back to your website.


As your hotel blog rises in search engine rankings, it will also see an increase in its readership. Slowly, people will start engaging with your blog posts, and this feedback will enable you to get insights about various services of your hotel from their perspective.


Similarly, your readership will be able to keep abreast of all the updates from your hotel, which they have already begun considering as a viable booking option.


6. An Excellent Blog Builds Lasting Relationships


An Excellent Blog Builds Lasting Relationships


If you want to grow your hotel or restaurant business, then you must build connections with guests. A blog is an essential tool to develop genuine relationships with your guests.


Creating a blog is more than just sprinkling keywords, writing words, and embedding images or videos. Merely saying, blogging is more than just content. A blog enables you to build lasting relationships with your guests by providing them with compelling content to engage with and funneling them to their final booking decision.


Every hotel website is almost virtually alike nowadays. They have become a standardized model that shows guest rooms and amenities, directions, and contact details plus the ability to book rooms.  A dedicated blog becomes a smorgasbord of content that diversifies your hotel website from the rest and offers a way to engage with your customers.


Analyze your guest's needs and wants appropriately. Your guests will appreciate unique, well-written content about the following topics:

  • Attractions
  • Things To Do
  • Guided Tours
  • What's Nearby
  • Latest Events
  • Cuisine


Providing guests with information regarding the local cuisine, culture, traditions, news, etc., will develop a sense of trustworthiness with your hotel or restaurant. Eventually, they will build a sense of relationship with you and become loyal guests.




Having a dedicated blog for your hotel or restaurant offers tremendous advantages versus your competition and helps drive relationships and quality traffic to your website that can lead to the improved conversion of web traffic into bookings.


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