Email Marketing System

This powerful tool combines the email harvesting from your website Powered by INNsight and Central Reservation System to create a platform that allows you to effectively target marketing campaigns to segments of customers.

Manage Campaigns

Create, manage, and send email marketing campaigns using the Manage Campaigns panel. This wizard will walk you through the steps to set up an email marketing campaign.

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Manage Templates

The Manage Templates panel will display all the different templates available to use, including templates that you may have custom designed.  Using the sort or search functions, you can sort or search for particular templates. 

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Mailing Lists

The Manage Mailing Lists panel will display all of your email lists with the ability to sort, replicate, and combine mailing lists.  Once you click on a mailing list, you will see all of your audience's email addresses and details.  You can click ‘Edit’ to make any changes to an individual audience member.

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Manage Media

The Manage Media panel is a repository of all the media you can use to embed into your email marketing templates.  Easily upload graphics and images and save them in easy-to-organize albums.  You can then source these media files in the Create Template wizard and utilize them in your designs.

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SMTP Setup

Setup your email server settings to send email marketing campaigns.

Hello and welcome to the world of email marketing. is the source of this information. With our email marketing, INNsight makes it simple for your company's website and departments to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Some of the features of our Email marketing are listed below.

To keep your business communications secure and private, rely on a Secure POP/IMAP Connection with no advertising and complete privacy. Built-in anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

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