My INNsight Passport Account

The My Account section displays the following tabs:

Personal Information:

The Personal Information tab allows you to view and edit your Name, Address, and Email credentials.

Change Password

You can change your password anytime by clicking on the Change Password tab.

Edit Image

Your INNsight Passport allows you to upload a personal image and tagline that your posts, messages, and account share. Please note that this is a public image, and all photos uploaded to INNsight must follow the guidelines in the INNsight Terms & Conditions.

Billing Details

You can edit or save your credit card details to expedite making reservations or property billing on INNsight.

Email Alerts

You can easily update your email and notification preferences by clicking on Email Alerts.

Manage Users

You can set up different accounts to provide limited access and functions to specific users. For example, you can set up a Front Desk user that can only perform check-in and checkout and cannot access sensitive business performance reports.


Setting up an INNsight account is simple and can make the booking process a snap when you find the perfect place to stay that is Powered by INNsight. There are two types of INNsight accounts: The INNsight Passport, which is for travelers, and the INNkeeper's Account, which allows INNkeepers to manage and sell their inventory on their Website or Internet Booking Engine Powered by INNsight.

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Billing Details

You can update or edit your billing details using a secured form! It's is a simple process.

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INNsight Passport

Yes, if you subscribe to INNsight as a traveler, your account is absolutely free. Use My INNsight to manage all of your reservations and travel itineraries from one place.

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Cancel Subscription

If at all the need to cancel your subscription arises, follow these steps:

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