My INNsight Account

You can edit your My INNsight account details by clicking on the My Account link in the navigation bar.

The My Account section displays the following tabs:

Settings: 'Settings' makes updating and editing your INNsight account details easier.

Security: Access data regarding your devices' log-in details regardless of where you are.

Email Alerts: 'Email Alerts' allow you to expedite and maintain communications with INNkeepers and Travel Vendors while also being able to send email alerts to the different departments in your hotel.

Manage Users: Easily View, Edit, Delete, or Suspend certain users. You can also Add Users and edit their roles based on their functions.

Update/Edit Account Information

My Account is fully secured by SSL encryption, and we follow guidelines to safeguard your personal information. To review our, click here Privacy Policy.

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Device Management

Check your current device and login activities.

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INNsight Billing Details

You can edit or save your credit card details from expediting making reservations or property billing on INNsight. 

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Email Alerts

Now you can easily update your email and notification preferences.

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Manage Users

You can set up different accounts to provide limited access and functions to specific users. For example, you can set up a Front Desk user that can only perform check-in and checkout and cannot access sensitive business performance reports.

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