Property Operating System

The Room Board Tab displays individual cards of your current inventory status per room on an easy-to-read board. 

The Search Bar at the top allows you to navigate the Room Board easily and search by Arrival Date, Room Type, Guest Name, Room Status, or even by Room. Simply select your search criteria and click 'Search', and the Room Board will display the desired results.

You will see Today's Arrivals and Departures on the left. Each Guest's Name is clickable and will lead you to that guest's folio for additional details.

In order to create a reservation or check-in a guest, you can easily click the corresponding Room Card for the room and date(s) combination. Once you have clicked on an available Room Card, you will be taken to the Reservation Wizard to complete the booking.

Room Board

The Room Board Tab shows detailed cards of each room's current inventory status on a board that is simple to read.

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GRID Graphical Room Inventory Display

You can easily manage bookings by clicking on the GRID while viewing your property's inventory and status.

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House Account

The INNsight PMS House Account provides a comprehensive account summary in a register of transactions, offering essential details that help you track and manage your finances effectively.   You can search for any particular transaction of non-room related charges by a variety of filters, including date/time, category, payment method, room, or customer name.

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Cash Drawer

The Cash Drawer displays the current cash on hand at the bottom of the screen.

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Shop Item

Shop Items is your tool to manage inventory and listings for your hotel gift shop or mart. Shop Items is a powerful eCommerce feature where you can set up the items to be sold as ancillary items such as souvenirs, food and drink items, amenities, services, and more.

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