Cancellation Policy

INNsight does not charge travelers a booking fee or a cancellation or modification fee. 

It is possible that an INNkeeper could charge you a Cancellation Fee per the Property's Cancellation Policy. Please carefully read the Property's Cancellation Policy on the Property Profile Page before agreeing to the Reservation terms. By agreeing to the property's Cancellation Policy, the traveler will be legally responsible for adhering to the policy and may be charged a cancellation fee as detailed by the INNkeeper.

You can cancel your reservation on INNsight with no fees if you cancel outside of the property's cancellation policy. For example if a property has a 72 hour or 3 day cancellation policy, you can only cancel your reservation with that property outside of 3 days prior to your arrival date's check in time without incurring a penalty. The penalty and the cancellation policy are determined by each property individually, so it is very important that you read and fully understand the details of the Cancellation/Modification Policy of the property before you make a reservation. Please note, you must agree to the Cancellation/Modification Policy by clicking on its checkbox before you can reserve the stay.

Here's an example: So let's say your reservation is on July 5th and the property check-in time is 3 PM, you can only cancel any time before July 2nd 3 PM. If you enter the Cancellation Period, and you still would like to cancel, you will then have to contact the INNkeeper. Reservations that have entered the Cancellation Period cannot be canceled directly within the System. Only the INNkeeper can cancel reservations that are within the Cancellation Period.

If you are eligible to cancel your stay, you can go to your My INNsight page and Upcoming Reservations. Locate the reservation that you would like to cancel. In the according pull-down menu, select the option 'Cancel'. Selecting 'Cancel' will take you to the Cancellation Request page. Follow the easy to understand Cancellation Flow and click 'Submit'. For multiple room reservations, you can cancel one, many, or all rooms for that reservation. Once you have successfully canceled your reservation, you will receive a Reservation Cancellation Confirmation email and INNbox message.

To cancel your reservation, you can click here to be taken to the Cancel Your Reservation flow. In addition, you can cancel your reservation directly from My INNsight in your Upcoming Reservations view by clicking on 'Cancel' in the pulldown menu associated with that reservation. In order to cancel through INNsight, you need to be eligible to cancel. If the property at which you booked your reservation has a cancellation policy of a certain grace period, you will need to be outside of that grace period to cancel within the system, otherwise you will be forced to contact the INNkeeper directly and potentially face cancellation charges. Any reservation that is canceled last minute within an INNkeeper's Cancellation Period will need to be canceled by the INNkeeper directly.