Modify Reservation

You can modify your reservation on with no fees as long as you make any changes outside of the property's cancellation/modification policy. If you are eligible to make any changes you can go to your My INNsight and find your Upcoming Reservations.

Locate the reservation for which you would like to make edits. In the according pull-down menu, select the option 'Modify'. Selecting 'Modify' will take you to the Change Reservation page. You can edit your dates or your room configuration from the modification flow. Please note that making changes to your reservation might change your rates.

You can go to My INNsight: Upcoming Reservations and select the reservation you would like to modify to change your reservation. Then, select the Modify option in the pulldown menu associated with that reservation ID. You will be taken through the Change Reservation flow, allowing you to make any updates to your booking.  Click here for the Cancel/Modify flow.