Ad Spend Management for Hotels

Fact of life: your hotel needs supplies to function. From paper clips to toilet paper to mattresses, a hotel procures thousands of items annually to maintain facilities and provide the highest levels of hospitality for its guests.

The Supply Chain Management feature of the Facilities Management System helps management communicate supplies orders and track all items ordered in an easy to use application. This simply yet powerful feature is a logbook of all orders that are made by staff. Once an order is submitted by clicking ‘Add Supply Details’, the facilities manager will receive an order request email with the details of what is to be ordered. The Item is then added to the Supply Chain Management Logbook.


The product order status will be displayed in the Product Status column of the Supply Chain Management Logbook. Once the order is made, the facilities management staff will change the Product Status to ‘Product Ordered.’ Once the item is delivered, the staff will mark the order ‘Product Delivered.’ You can edit or cancel the order from the list at any time. This simple yet powerful log book will allow your facilities management staff to trace when items were ordered and if and when items were received. Track shipments and understand how often you order items and how many supplies you utilize within a time frame. For example, how frequently are you ordering boxes of toilet tissue? When was coffee last ordered? With Supply Chain Management, you can track and manage your hotel’s supplies and ordering with ease, hence reducing your overhead and improving your operational efficiency while reducing shrinkage and waste.


The Supply Chain Management Logbook can be downloaded into MS Excel, emailed, or printed by clicking on the applicable icons at the top of The Panel.