Get More Guests to Book at Your Hotel with foursquare

Increase Your Hotel Bookings with foursquare via Desktop and Mobile Apps

Foursquare is a tool that connects people with businesses, in the case for travelers, it connects them with hotels. As a hotel owner, all you need to do is find your business on Foursquare (or create the listing if the listing doesn't exist), claim it, update it, and start posting updates – pretty simple. The key to this process is to make sure your business information if complete and accurate. Fill out the profile in it’s entirely to make sure viewers of your listing find what they’re looking for. In fact, if you subscribe to the INNsight Premium Package we will manage your Foursquare account and help you drive local foursquare check-ins at your hotel.

FoursquareWhen it comes to posting, you can post about anything that will catch the traveler’s eye. Travelers that have either checked in at your business or viewed your business listing will automatically get your updates. So share promos, specials, local events, a limited time offer, even a joke or word of the day – anything to get the traveler engaged. Coming soon we are also going to offer the ability to create custom promotion codes with which then you can post onto foursquare so those who use foursquare can automatically get their discount on a reservation made directly with you through or your website Powered by INNsight.

You can then track all of the activity. When travelers check in at your hotel, they are sharing their information with you through foursquare. You can see new visitors, repeats visitors, track check-ins, see who is sharing via Facebook and Twitter, and more.

foursquare will also send you a periodic email including key metrics you’d want to know and learn from as time goes on. Travelers also have the option to leave comments and tips for both you and other travelers to read, so be sure to read them as they may help you improve your business.

INNsight wants your INN to be socially connected. The more chatter the better – real-life comments/tips from actual travelers. Sure you might get some negative press along the way, but in the long run, it will help you improve your product and also create user engagement. INNkeepers who have their hotel websites Powered by INNsight benefit from various social media outlets such as Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter. INNsight not only sets all of your social media pages up, but they’re also optimized and constantly posted to with up-to-date information for travelers.  Subscribe to our Premium product and we’ll even set up your custom designed blog and draft blog posts periodically to help drive traffic to your website.

Let INNsight manage your hotel’s website, internet marketing, and social media so you can focus on providing a great place to stay and experience while we help drive folks through your doors.

We’d like to hear your experience with Foursquare. Please leave your comments about how you’ve used it or ask us a question.


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