4 Ways to Manage Your Hotel’s Online Reputation


Reputation management for hotels is an important concept as most of the bookings today are driven online. People go through multiple booking platforms and check the reviews about the hotel which indirectly influences their buying decisions. So it is important to have a strategy to handle the reputation of your hotel. Here in this blog, you will learn…
  • Why Does Online Reputation matter?
  • How to manage your hotel’s online reputation?

Managing your hotel’s online reputation management is no easy task. With so many factors such as OTAs, social media channels, and third-party review sites contributing to how guests view you, staying on top of them all can be a challenge.

But it’s a challenge all hoteliers face. As TripAdvisor notes, 79% of their users will read at least 6-12 reviews before choosing their hotel, so you need to ensure you are crafting and cultivating your online reputation management to capture guests as they search and book their travel.

In order to help make the task a bit more manageable, we at Sojern have highlighted six steps you can take today to manage your hotel’s online reputation management.

Reply To Negative Reviews



Manage Negative Reviews

Responding to negative reviews can have a huge impact on your hotel’s online reputation management.

In our blog on managing negative guest reviews, we outline a three-pronged approach for doing just that:

Time is of the essence—respond within 48 hours of a review.

Remember, they’re still a valued guest—be respectful and do your best to listen in an open and positive manner.

Reach out—if possible, take action and address the guest's complaint or concern.

Keep in mind; that not all reviews need a response.

According to one Cornell University study, responding to 40% of reviews is effective in helping your guests and your bottom line. Anything more has diminishing returns.

Get Social With Your Guests

Get Socials with guest

With 67% of consumers admitting they use a company’s social media channel for customer service, you need to have a strong social presence.

Monitor your social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, and use relevant hashtags to know when people are talking about you.

Want help getting social media savvy?
Check out our Blog on A complete Social Media Strategy for Hotels

Automate The Work

Automate the work

Set up Google Alerts for your property’s name, area, or keywords you know guests use to describe you.

Then you get new comments about your property delivered straight to your email.

This will save you loads of research time and lets you get straight to work resharing the good news or responding to anything negative.

Don’t Go At It Alone

Do not go at it alone

INNsight offers online reputation management services that can make managing your online reputation management a breeze.

What’s better, INNsight’s tool elicits feedback and reviews for your website, so that you can proactively build out your online reputation management.

Nowhere, but on your own website, is your reputation set the clearest and strongest.

Getting guests to book directly on your website is one of the best ways to manage your online reputation management, as well as your bottom line.


We ensure that your business is represented online and every guest review is heard.

It is highly important to assess and address feedback from each of your guests, so our professional US Based/English Proficient Content Writers Reply to Every Online Review (Good or Bad) Within 48 Hours.

INNsight will actively manage and improve your online reputation and respond to reviews on popular reputation platforms.


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