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Hello and welcome to our latest INNsight weekly training e-blast. Our weekly email will highlight and educate you on an existing feature each week.

Now that you have made the smart choice to have your property Powered by INNsight, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of all the tools available within the system.

This week, we are going to take a look at the INNsight Dashboard or My INNsight home page.


The INNsight Dashboard

Your Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your property's performance and allows you to navigate to any area of the INNsight system to quickly and easily manage or update information at any time.

After logging into your INNsight PMS, you will automatically be taken to your Dashboard


INNsight Dashboard


My Profile: PMS, My Account, My Property

INNsight makes it very easy to make edits to your My INNsight profile. You can access your PMS, Personal Property Account information, or your website Powered by INNsight by selecting the tabs located at the top right-hand section of your Dashboard home page found within the My Profile section.


INNsight My Profile


By selecting the PMS tab it takes you to... you guessed it! Your property's Property Management System Powered by INNsight

By selecting the PMS tab, you will automatically be taken to the Room Board View.

As with all functions of your PMS system, there are several easy ways to achieve any result. You can easily view your property's inventory and its status visually and even manipulate reservations simply by clicking on the cells in the GRID or ROOM BOARD


Room Board View


You can also select the GRID view if you prefer



Simply right-click on any guest name in the GRID and select "View Details". When you click on View Details, you will pull up that guest's Reservation Details Page and be able to view or edit guest details.

By clicking the left and right arrows, you can quickly navigate between dates on the GRID and visually see how your property's inventory is occupied.

My Account

You can edit your INNsight account details by clicking on the My Account tab found in the My Profiles section of your Dashboard.

My Account is fully secured by SSL encryption and follows the strictest guidelines in safeguarding your personally identifiable information.


My Account


The My Account section displays the following tabs:

Personal Information - The Personal Information tab allows you to view and edit your name, address, and email credentials

Billing Details - You can edit or save the credit card details, which you would like to use to keep on file for primary or backup charges.

Email Alerts - You can easily update your email and notification preferences by clicking on 'Email Alerts'

Manage Users - You have total control to add or remove users to the system

Want to change your password? No Problem

You can change your password any time by clicking the Change Password tab found in the Personal Information page after selecting the

Forget Password

Have a new profile image? Go ahead--show it off

Your INNsight system allows you to upload a personal image and tagline. Your image and tagline are shared in your posts, messages, and account. To upload that new image, you'll need to go to Edit your Photo which can be found on the Personal Information page.

*Please note that this is a public image and all images that are uploaded to INNsight must follow the guidelines detailed in the INNsight Terms & Conditions.


Logo Upload

My Account

Clicking on this icon will open a new window or tab where you will be taken to the homepage of your new website Powered by INNsight. This allows you to quickly move between your property website and your PMS system

Another way to access My Property website

As you know, INNsight delivers several easy ways to achieve any result. Another easy way to access your property's website is by selecting the PMS tab in My Profile. Here you will find a list view located on the left of the screen.




Selecting My Property from this area will open a separate window or tab where you will be taken to the homepage of your property's website powered by INNsight.

INNsight delivers with reliable @hotelname.comemail hosting

INNsight delivers email hosting and calendar solutions to make your property more efficient. We can set up your INNbox with unlimited aliases and forwarding. You can relax knowing that INNsight email service provides Outlook, mobile, and web email services.

Finding system messages has never been easier

In addition to having your traditional email hosted by INNsight, we also cc all system messages including Reservation Confirmation Emails, etc. in the INNbox which is shown in the Messages section found beneath My Profile left navigation bar.


My Profile Messages


You can also navigate to the INNbox by moving your cursor along the top of your PMS Dashboard and selecting from the INNbox pull-down menu.


Messages: INNbox, OUTbox, & Trash

The INNbox tab shows you all messages that have come into your INNbox, whether they are messages from guests, reservation confirmations and cancellations, or invoices.

The OUTbox shows messages you've sent to guests, as well as reservations confirmations and cancellations.


INNsight PMS

Contacts: Here you'll find your entire list of contacts including registered hotel guests who have stayed at your hotel

The Contacts section is similar to the Guest Directory, but you won't find the Invoice dropdown menu here. Easily send any contact a message by clicking on the envelope icon associated with their row.



You can learn more by reviewing the INNsight Help Guide. Please download here:



INNsight Help Guide

We recommend spending a little time every week looking through the Help Guide along with this Weekly e-Blast.

Together we will master one feature of the INNsight system at a time to ensure that you are getting the most from your website, the property management and content management systems, and all of the powerful INNsight tools that are available to you.

Remember: With INNsight we are always available for you and we are always here to help. Please feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns.

Thank You,

The INNsight Team





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