Tips to Optimize Your Hotel Website for Voice Search

The hospitality industry is no stranger to changes to online search. Ensure your hotel website is coded for mobile responsiveness. Google is asking hoteliers to adapt their websites to the challenges of  Voice Search.

20% of searches in the Google app are completed with voice, and 60% of all web searches are now done on a mobile device. Websites that do not adhere to new standards will see their page rankings suffer. Do not compromise on the guest experience as the online search continues to evolve.

Voice searches have a wide acceptance of vis-à-vis traditional searches. To be picked up by Google’s voice search algorithms, you need to optimize your hotel website.

Voice Search - A New Perspective

Voice search seems simple. You speak into your smart device and like magic, you land where you want to be on the web. It understands your request leveraging A. I algorithms, and then converts to text. This text then transcends into the keyword/keywords that are input for SEO. Challenges arise when platforms have to identify diction or accents.

voice-activated devices

People interact with voice-activated speakers like if they were communicating with a human. They use courtesy words like "thank you, please, and sorry"!

Accents and different languages are no longer a roadblock for voice search. Since the growth of voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence. The correlated search engines identify the intended keywords.

The Implications of Voice Search for SEO

It is fascinating to watch your mobile device spell out what you say. Interacting with a virtual assistant like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, or Google Assistant makes us feel connected. Voice search is growing in popularity. Digital marketing agencies are scrambling to provide this technology to their clients.

Voice search allows us to:

  • set alarms
  • get directions
  • find a restaurant
  • connect with contacts
  • interact with our smart home
  • adjust the temperature of our home
  • and more.

Google has developed new algorithms or Schema specs, especially for SEO-optimized voice searches.

Page Load

How fast your page loads has a significant role to play in SEO for voice search. Voice search query loads 52% quicker than the average page.

Psychological Schema is the ability to organize knowledge into varied classifications. We try to create mental shortcuts of sorts that make interfacing with the general public easier.

Speakable Schema in plain language means the content on your web page that is narratable and especially adaptable for text-to-speech.

Future of Voice

Over 50% of smartphone users use voice search. The days of “typing” into a search bar are fast becoming a secondary option rather than the only choice.

Voice Utilization So when travelers ask their Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa questions that include keywords like “Closest hotel in [City] to [Attraction]” and “[Brand Name or Hotel Name],” you can be readily found.

INNsight will optimize your website, so your property URL will be delivered to savvy travelers who are looking for your business.

Now is the time for you to optimize your hotel website. When people are searching for accommodations using voice search, they find you.

Actionable tips for voice search

1. Do Thorough Keyword Research For Your Hotel Keeping Voice Search in Mind

Keyword Research is the primary step when it comes to Hotel SEO.

You usually size up this list of keywords based on search volume, CPC, and seasonal trends. But now, you should also check if the keyword is conversational.

Look for “Natural Language Keywords”. As voice searches are more natural and conversational than text-based searches. Voice Search is growing, natural-sounding keywords are going to get a boost in search volume.

Don’t avoid long keywords. Sprinkle 5+ word terms around your content. Also, you have to target Question keywords. Think of the ‘Who, What, Where’ questions that your hotel business revolves around.

2. Optimize Your Website Content for Voice Search

After analyzing 10,000 Google Home Results, Backlinko has concluded that the typical voice search result is less than 30 words in length. So, it is essential to include short and concise answers to your content.

Now, you might be thinking that you have to create tonnes of pages to answer every question that your hotel has. All you need to do is make one single dedicated page for all such questions i.e., FAQ Page.

Premium client websites Powered by INNsight have a dedicated FAQ page that helps drive voice search results.


FAQ pages are PERFECT for voice search. There’s a conversational question and a brief answer right underneath it. 

FAQ pages can rank for hundreds of different voice search queries.

3. Optimize Your Webpages for Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet provides to-the-point answers to the users on the SERP, without the users having to click through to a specific result.

Featured Snippet Example

WHY featured snippets?

It is not easy to get into the Featured Snippet as devices give you only ONE answer.

How to get your website content into featured snippets?

  • Find the results that have Featured Snippets. Then optimize your hotel webpage for that specific type of snippet.
  • Target long-tail keywords when optimizing for voice search.
  • Increase your Featured Snippets efforts. Toil to rank on page 1 of SERP (as most of the snippets are shown on the 1st page).

4. Increase the Authoritativeness of Your Hotel Website

A site with excellent and accurate information for your query proves to be trustworthy. The users also trust a hotel website that provides relevant information about the pricing, amenities, images, videos, blogs, current events, special packages, etc.

It is a known fact that sites with lots of links rank more often in voice search. But Link Building alone cannot beef up your website authority.

You also have to invest in the following actions:

  • Create more and better content for your end-user, the traveler
  • Improve User Experience on the website with solid hotel web design
  • Increase Social Sharing through effective hotel social media marketing strategy
  • Linking to other authoritative websites of the hospitality industry

5. Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast

You might be thinking of what site speed has to do with voice search results. 

Well, the Average Time to First Byte of Voice Search Results in 0.5 seconds, and for an Average Web Page, it's 2.10 seconds. So, it's clear that websites that load have an edge in Voice Search Results.

To perform a speed test, input your Hotel URL in Google Page Speed Insights.

Follow the suggestions given to optimize your coding to make your page load faster.

You can also follow this simple checklist to improve your site speed:

  • Lessen your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML and optimize your code
  • Make fewer redirects on your website 
  • Take advantage of browser caching
  • Improve the server response time to optimize the time to the first byte
  • Make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to dish out content such as photos
  • Optimize images on your website

6. Make Your Hotel Website Mobile-Friendly

Voice Search and Personal Digital Assistants are the present and future of search.

Today, Voice Search is on mobile because of the many mobile apps and devices. So your hotel website needs to be Mobile-Friendly.

Check whether your website is Mobile-Friendly or not, and solve the page loading issues if found.

Mobile Friendly Test

7. Use Schema Markup Data

Schema Markup

Schema markup is HTML markup and is used by search engines to understand your website’s content better.

Schema Markup provides precise and accurate information about your hotel. It also answers the specific questions of your business.

Implementing schema markup allows you to be seen in rich snippets. This increases click-through rate, drives traffic, and brings you competitive advantages.

8. Reviews and Reputation Management Plays an Important Role

Reputation Management

Reviews improve the trustworthiness of your hotel business. They play an even more critical role when it comes to Voice Search.

Reviews provide your hotel information to search engines in NLP (Natural Language Pattern). When responding to any review, you can use the appropriate long-tail keywords. This helps to improve the keyword relevancy and, as a result, boost your ranking in SERP.

9. Focus on Bing Too

Focus on Bing Google is not the only player in Voice Search. To be heard in Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa, your website must rank in Bing search results. Like Google My Business, you also have to list your business in Bing Places. 

Bing is the second most popular voice search engine in the USA. Make sure you do not lose your potential customers by failing to appear in Bing.

INNsight Incorporates Voice Search is known for its hospitality digital marketing and property management software. All-inclusive systems that simplify and automate your hospitality business operations. INNsight drives a hotel’s digital marketing to increase more direct bookings, expanding margins while driving top-line revenue growth.

INNsight has risen to the challenge and made our client’s websites ‘speakable’ to give them the upper hand they need for ranking, and most importantly, to be virtually visible, and audible, to potential guests on any device.

Voice Search Optimization

INNsight has baked the search engine optimizations to your website for the sophisticated technology of Voice Search. With the implementation of voice search, hoteliers will have expanded their ability to reach an audience and potential guest pool at the mere tap of a mobile device and the power of voice. 

With voice search, questions from travelers worldwide about your property, rates, amenities, location, and more are easily and readily available; Leveling the playing field and putting your property in front of travelers looking to book a room at your hotel, or a table at your restaurant or visit your bar. 

All in all, by being well prepared, you’ll be able to serve travelers better using their smartphones and voice assistants to search for hotels, while your competitors fail to be heard clearly.


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