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Bhupen Magan
Owner of Mission Inn & Suites

Mission Inn & Suites is a charming 53 room boutique hotel in the heart of Santa Cruz California. The hotel finds its inspiration from the Spanish settlement Mission Santa Cruz which was founded in 1791. With a beautifully landscaped Spanish-style courtyard and fully renovated modern rooms, this privately owned gem offers its guests proximity to popular Santa Cruz attractions, restaurants, and of course, the beach.

Our website Powered by INNsight is helping our revenue. We are getting lots of direct bookings with INNsight and great exposure on all channels. By going with INNsight, we are saving thousands of dollars with OTA commissions.

“The tools that come with our package help ease our daily tasks and make our property run more efficiently.”

INNsight software solutions have helped us tremendously. We get monthly reports that outline our direct bookings and where they originate. The tools that come with our package help ease our daily tasks and make our property run more efficiently. INNsight created a tool called ‘comp set.’ We receive daily emails that give us accurate reporting that help us manage our rates throughout our system this is a really helpful tool. We also get month end reports that tell us how much direct revenue we got through the INNsight website.

With INNsight I have one point of contact, and he is very helpful. I have had other providers that aren’t willing to or wanting to help when issues arise. My contact at INNsight goes out of his way to resolve whatever issues we are having even on the PMS side. He is always kind and on top of things. He is very responsive. You know working with INNsight is a very positive experience, and choosing them is a no-brainer in my opinion.

The turnaround time for special requests is less than 24-hours. Most of the time the response is almost instant. If I communicate through an email normally, my contact will ask for 24-hours to complete a task, but in most cases, my requests are completed in less than an hour. Even when my contact was traveling abroad, I was able to maintain really good communication.

“The INNsight Team treats their jobs with a commitment like they own the company and the focus is always on the clients.”

INNsight brings us value and the ROI is there. Moving forward with INNsight is a no-brainer. It is very cost effective with no sign-up fees, no cancellation fees. INNsight is very confident that their product will perform. I highly recommend them. INNsight has cut my OTA commissions tremendously by the exposure we receive from our website and on social media sites. My bottom line is definitely improving month by month.

“Working with INNsight is a very positive experience, and choosing them is a no-brainer in my opinion.”

Working with INNsight is also very easy. Like I mentioned earlier, with no upfront costs, and no cancellation fees, it is a no-brainer; I highly recommend them. A couple of years ago when I had to choose a provider, I was a franchise. The Franchise was recommending a well-known competitor. I interviewed them, but they required a 2-year contract. As soon as you sign up, your clock is ticking, and they start billing you monthly costs. I interviewed INNsight and was told there was no contract, and if I wanted to cancel, there was no penalty. INNsight let me know they were very confident that they would help my bottom line and they have. The INNsight Team also keeps my site ADA compliant, so I don’t have to worry about that. They sent me an email several months ago to update me on the changing ADA laws and to inform me that they were working on my website to make sure it is compliant. INNsight is on top of it, and there is no extra cost. It is a great benefit to hoteliers to have the worry of Title III lawsuits off the table.

Raj, the CEO of INNsight spoke at CH&LA AAHOA event, and he is very informative. I remember he told people to do their homework before signing up with a company to see what the company will deliver to you. When I saw what INNsight offers in their packages for no additional cost, I chose INNsight. They handle all of my hotels. I highly recommend INNsight to my family, friends, and anyone in the hospitality industry.

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