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INNsight Software Solutions has helped our property’s efficiency. Before INNsight, we had human error and overbooking, but with INNsight we don’t have to worry about that.”

Redwood Creek Inn is a cozy independently owned hotel located in beautiful Redwood City, California. This family-owned hotel is a labor of love, and the pride of ownership is evident throughout the property. Special care has been taken to include signature details to rooms and the common grounds that offer guests a quiet, comfortable and relaxing stay. Guests of Redwood Creek Inn often boast about the “comforts of home” that are provided. Additionally, Redwood Creek Inn’s central location offers guests convenient, easy access to explore San Francisco, and San Jose.

In my quest to continue offering a great experience to guests, I realized that I needed to make some changes on the back end in the way I ran the operations of my hotel. I decided to move forward with INNsight.com for my software solutions to assist in my property’s operational efficiency.

Previous to INNsight, I didn’t have a system to help run my hotel. I was plagued with a lot of paperwork and headaches. INNsight’s Technology has helped me with organizing incoming reservations and OTA reservations as well as creating a really good, high functioning website with nice photos. INNsight Software has taken a lot of the paperwork out of what Redwood Creek Inn did before. We used to get everything faxed, and there were mistakes made – human error, and sometimes overbooking, but with INNsight we no longer have to worry about that. The tools that INNsight has created, like Comp Set, help me to manage my rates efficiently. Every day I receive an email from INNsight with analytics from my competition, and this allows me to adjust my rates accordingly and keep a competitive edge.

The INNsight extranet, where all the operational tools are found is intuitive and very easy to navigate. We don’t use all of the tools that are available to us; however, of the many tools that are at our fingertips, the tools that are our ‘go-to’ for operations, they offer the convenience of not having to deal with paperwork when guests check-in making it a much faster process. INNsight also has excellent turnaround time with any special requests that I make. They are really fast! Whenever I make a request, I get a response in less than 24-hours.

I definitely feel that INNsight brings value and ROI. I don’t see how we would be able to do everything we do without INNsight. I know there are competitors, but for the services that INNsight offers, it is definitely worth the money we’re paying, there is measurable ROI.

I have had other hoteliers and friends ask me about my experience with INNsight, and I always tell them that we’ve had a good experience; I have recommended INNsight to several of our friends.

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Jagu Patel Owner & Operator of
Redwood Creek Inn

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