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Seaside Lodging offers an impressive collection of boutique and economy hotels nestled along the coast in the charming resort city of Seaside Oregon. Seaside Lodging has since its inception, been dedicated to delivering excellence in hospitality. Seaside Lodging provides guests who choose their fleet of properties a heartfelt guest experience that is evident in the positive reviews their properties regularly receive and the many awards that Seaside Hospitality has earned. Seaside Lodging is your home away from home.

Our previous webmaster was based out of the country. We met the INNsight Team at a trade show, and they seemed very knowledgeable not only in what they were doing, but in the trends and what is happening in the industry. Also, their pricing seemed right. This is the primary reason we decided to move forward with INNsight. The subscription process was extremely easy. I actually appreciated the subscription base vs what the competition offers. With INNsight we don’t have to pay for each edit and we can contact them anytime. I appreciate that, and it is nice to know we just pay a set monthly fee.

“If I were to describe INNsight in two words - quick and knowledgeable”

Working with INNsight through the Design process was easy. We like to be really hands-on with the design process. I am glad that the INNsight design team works with us in a way where they let us make more decisions on what type of design we want and what we don’t want. I appreciate that they let us do that. They are easy to work with; they don’t question why we are doing certain things. The entire process is great.

“They may have hundreds of clients, I don’t know, but it just seems like we are the only ones that they are working on. This makes us feel special”

INNsight’s customer service experience is really good. They are really easy to work with. I basically only work with one person and I just email him to let him know what I want – and it gets done. I feel that INNsight is attentive to our business needs because I always get a quick response. They may have hundreds of clients, I don’t know, but it just seems like we are the only ones that they are working on. This makes us feel special for the quick turnaround. I also appreciate that they are at trade shows that we attend. It shows that they are out there, always trying to improve their platform. It is very important to us that they always stay up to date with the trends.

INNsight’s turnaround time for special requests is quick. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 10. When I email they usually respond that same day and let me know when my request will be completed. This is really good. I always know when my email has been received, and I always know a completion date. Even if I request a completely different redesign for a page they can complete it in a week or two. We chose INNsight to handle all of our websites, even our corporate site so they have a lot of work from us and they always get our requests complete within one or two weeks.

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Kaarina Vera

Sales, Marketing & Revenue Manager for Seaside Lodging

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