Give Your OTA's Access to INNsight

In order for INNsight to successfully begin servicing and responding to your reviews, we will need to gain access to your accounts. Please follow the instructions below to get us added to each of your accounts. Reputation Management Setup 


Step 1: Log into your hotel’s account 


booking com dashboard


Step 2: Go to Account>Create and Manage Users 



Step 3: Click on Invite a New User 



Step 4: Select Existing User and fill in the fields with the information below and click View Access Rights 


Login Name: INNsightRMS 



Step 5: Turn off all except for Inbox Access


Expedia Reputation Management Setup 

Depending on your Expedia account it may or may not allow you to add additional users via their  extranet. Please follow either of the two steps below to get INNsight added to your Expedia account. 

Add by The Expedia Admin Portal 

Step 1: Log into your hotel’s Expedia Partner Central account 

Step 2: Click on the sandwich bar and select Adminstration>Users 

Step 3:
In the user details section add INNsight for the First Name and RMS for the Last Name. Add the  email address Click Next

Add by Contacting Expedia Via The Extranet 

Please contact your Expedia Account Manager or Expedia Support using the information below to have  them add INNsight as a manager of your account. Please follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Log into your hotel’s Expedia Partner Central account 

Step 2: Go to Help and Support 

Step 3: Click on Contact Us

Step 4: In the what can we help you with dropdown please select Partner Central Access and then  Create/remove Partner Central account 

Step 5: Click on ‘Send a Message’. Copy the message below in red and paste it in the text box and click ‘Send’. 

Dear Expedia Account Manager, 

Can you please add the following existing Expedia user account below as an additional user of my hotel’s  Expedia Account. Please give the username/email address (already an existing Expedia user) below  access to the guest relations tab of my account. 

Existing Username: INNsightRMS 

Existing User Email: 

Thank You!


TripAdvisor Reputation Management Setup 

Step 1: Once logged into your account go to Help & Settings>Manage User Access 

Step 2: Click Invite New User 

Step 3: Enter the Email and click Send Invite

Yelp Reputation Management Setup 

Step 1: Login to your hotel’s Yelp account 

Step 2: Click on Icon on the top right of the window and select Account Settings>User Management 

Step 3: Click Invite a User 

Step 4: Add the email address and click Send Invite

Google Reputation Management Setup 

Step 1: Login to your hotel’s Google account 

Google Reputation Management Setup

Step 2: Once you select your hotel’s listing click on Users 

Step 3: Click Invite New Users 

Step 4: Add as a manager and click Invite