Reputation Management System – Solicit Reviews

The INNsight Reputation Management System (RMS) has multiple avenues for obtaining more guest reviews. If you are an eCommerce client, which uses the INNsight Booking Engine, guests will automatically receive guest review solicitation emails upon check out asking for feedback of their stay.

If you are a marketing client, you can instead manually leverage the Solicit Reviews tool to upload a list of guest email addresses and send professional emails soliciting the guest to leave a review of their stay at your hotel.


The RMS Solicit Reviews tool is very straightforward. Simply select the online review sites you want to solicit reviews for. Note: Guests likely will only submit an online review to one site and traditionally the conversion rate for soliciting reviews is about 2%, meaning you will need to send roughly 50 customers a request to leave a review to obtain even 1 online review.


Step 1: Click on RMS

Step 2: Click  ‘Add Emails

Step 3: Upload your .CSV file

Step 4: Now, upload your email list and you’re set!

Step 5: Click on RMS

Step 6: Click on ‘Reputations Solicitation System’ 

Step 7: Choose your OTA Platform

Step 8: Enter all the required details

Step 9: After adding the promo codes, if any, enter ‘Submit