Facilities Management System

The Facility Management System helps you:

Organize the tasks and room services assigned to the housekeeping staff members by the selection of a few tabs within the software.

The software provides you with a long list of task completion to keep a check on the ongoing maintenance of the housekeeper's work. The list functions as a logbook we see on the front desk, but it’s computerized, automated, and advanced.

Guests can easily suggest their concerns or issues regarding cleanliness or maintenance without searching for housekeepers door to door.FMS is automatically linked with the devices your housekeepers use, such as mobile or tablets. The housekeeper coordinates with the software by updating whether a task is completed or not, and the process required for completion. 

  1. Click on FMS Tab

It also lets you engage with your guests on a more understanding level, by sending automated emails to the guest for check-in once a housekeeper has updated the status of a room that is ready for another customer.

Apart from the housekeeping facility, the software also provides you the service of keeping track of the assets required for your hotel. It creates a list wherein you confirm the availability of those assets. You can modify the list by suggesting whether the asset is ordered, yet to be ordered or needs to be ordered according to date and its priority. 

Lastly, the software also helps you keep a track of items that are lost by the guest without maintaining a storeroom or closest to keep them. FMS places a record for guests to inform what, where, and how they lost the particular object. Once a housekeeper finds it, he/she can simply message the guest regarding the finding.

Housekeeping Panel

The Housekeeping Panel allows you to assign rooms to housekeeping staff and manage the status of rooms as they are serviced daily. Utilizing this Facilities Management System feature will help you optimize your inventory management and human resources. 

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Housekeeping List

The Housekeeping List is where you can assign the rooming list to housekeepers and print out daily housekeeping lists to share with your housekeeping staff.

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Maintenance Panel

The Maintenance Panel is built with your facilities management in mind. Manage your hotel’s facilities with ease by using the Maintenance Panel’s ticketing system to fire off service requests to the maintenance department and to track and log maintenance incidents.

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Lost & Found Panel

The Lost & Found Panel will help your staff manage items that are lost by guests at the property and act as a logbook of all lost and found inventory.

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Front Desk Log Book

The Front Desk Log Book will help your front desk staff communicate more effectively and coordinate activities, guest concerns, and hand-off important communications between shifts. The Log Book is a ticketing system, logbook, and real-time chatting system all in one.

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Front Desk Task List

Get things done like never before. The Front Desk Task List compiles all of the tasks that have been assigned to individuals using the Facilities Management System in one place so you can track open tickets and ensure operational efficiency.

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Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker is a Facilities Management System feature, which allows you to manage all fixed assets and inventory of tools, parts, and equipment all in one place. This catalog of assets can be searched, sorted and printed giving staff access to details about items on property and tracking its history and documentation.

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Supply Chain Management

Fact of life: your hotel needs supplies to function. From paper clips to toilet paper to mattresses, a hotel procures thousands of items annually to maintain facilities and provide the highest levels of hospitality for its guests.

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The Vendors Panel allows you to manage contact cards and details about all of the vendors that service your property. This useful tool helps you stay on top of vendors, rate their service, and be able to pull up their history and contact details with ease.


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Pool & Spa Panel

The Pool & Spa Panel is built to help you ditch that clipboard with the ragged pool log sitting on the shelf in your pool shed. Manage your pool and/or spa facilities with ease by using the Pool & Spa Panel to track and log maintenance incidents, routine cleaning, and your daily chemical readings.

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