INNsight drops it like it’s hot!

INNsight has built the ultimate selling platform and tools to drive bookings for hoteliers

In our quest to build a platform that all INNkeepers could benefit from, we have released several features in our software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based Digital Marketing System for hotels. INNsight provides INNkeepers the ability to manage room inventory and rates, promote their place to stay, and sell more rooms for less.

Some of these features are powerful pricing and promotion tools which allow hoteliers to drop rates and sell rooms like hotcakes.

So how can hotels use INNsight and drop it like it’s hot?:

Markdown Manager

Markdown Manager allows Hoteliers to use the retail concept of markdowns to provide a percentage off or dollar off discounts based on a minimum night stays for limited time periods.  Markdowns are displayed on your hotel’s website Powered by INNsight with the traditional retail strike thru pricing to promote the sale. Your markdowns appear in the Hot Deals module on your hotel website’s homepage and appear as strike thru rates if a looker’s stay details satisfy your deal’s requirements.

Deals also are prominently displayed in our deals hub at and show up with strike thru pricing in search results on and on your free Property Profile Page.  To sign up for your Free Property Profile Page on, click here.

It is super easy to set up a markdown in our fully functional Property Management System.  Simply set the discount type, discount amount, minimum nights, and the book by date and confirm your deal.  Now it is easier than ever to drop your rates and promote your rooms with sales on INNsight!

Discounts provides the ability to display user-defined discounts to travelers visiting your hotel website Powered by INNsight and your place to stay’s Property Profile Page on  Popular discounts such as AAA, AARP, Senior and Military Discounts can easily be set up and displayed to potential bookers so they can pick and chose applicable discounts while they reserve their stay at your property.  No Online Travel Agent offers such a functionality to display different hotel defined discounts.

Setting up Discounts is very easy.  Simply name your discount, add the percentage off or dollar off amounts, and the fine print for eligibility for the discount in our easy to use Property Management System.

Promotion Codes allows hoteliers to set up Promotion Codes that provide a percentage off and dollar discounts which potential bookers can enter while they are booking their stay.  Promotion Codes are very useful to promote your hotel to potential guests.  Provide Promo Codes to return guests so they can receive a discount to keep them coming back.  Distribute them on business cards or to attendees of conventions.  Now with INNsight, you can easily manage and provide custom Promo Codes that can be entered on your hotel’s website and your Property Profile Page on

With each of these wonderful ways to generate interest and drive more bookings, we recommend that you also leverage the power of social media to further promote the great deals you offer on your website Powered by INNsight or on your Property Profile Page on  Tweet out your deals or even send promo codes to your twitter followers.  To learn more about how to leverage Twitter to market your hotel, see this well-written blog post on twitter and hotels.

Additionally, you can place Promotion Codes in special offers directly on foursquare and provide promo codes as a coupon to those who check-in using the Foursquare service.  Learn more about foursquare and hotels and how to leverage the service to generate leads by reading the following blog post on Foursquare.

To learn more about the great promotional and selling tools in the INNsight Digital Marketing System for hotels, click here.


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