INNsight Hotel Content Management System - How to Add Rich Media


Mastering the INNsight Hotel Content Management System (CMS)
Hello, and welcome to our latest INNsight training e-blast. Our training e-blast will highlight and educate you about an existing feature of your website, PMS system, and INNsight services.

Now that you have made the smart choice to have your property Powered by INNsight, we want to ensure you are getting the most out of all the tools and innovations available within the system. Today we are going to focus on the Hotel Content Management System (CMS) and how to add rich media.

User-Friendly Hotel CMS

Now that your property is Powered by INNsight we want to help you master all of the tools we have created to make the daily operations of your property easier to manage. The INNsight Hotel CMS is another valuable feature that we hand you as part of our offering at no additional cost. Our hotel CMS includes everything you expect from a state-of-the-art CMS and we add new functionality all the time.

Your Extranet – Total Control at Your Fingertips

Before your custom responsive website was live, you were given a “training” of your extranet. The extranet is the bedrock of your system and the control center for your new responsive website. Within your extranet you have the power to edit messaging, control rates, upload photos, access analytics, directly contact guests, manage departments within your hotel, and much more.

High Technology is KING

As a High Technology Company, INNsight is always innovating and delivering new technology to our clients. Our cloud-based Hotel Content Management System is high tech. Our CMS gives you unprecedented ease of use, and access to your website’s images, room types, and details, messaging, system operations and more. Through the CMS, we have essentially given you “the key to the back office” and the control to make changes on the fly. Because our system is cloud-based, changes can be done from any location with an internet connection. However, if you prefer that our Team handle needed changes to your site, we are always happy to handle all requests free of charge.

Fly Through “The Cloud”

INNsight’s hotel CMS gives you ease of use and accessibility. After you log in to your extranet, you will be transported to the cloud where updates and edits can happen easily and in real time. After you save your edits, you can instantly see the edits reflected on your hotel website. Any time you make edits, we suggest you have two tabs open; one tab with your website, and another tab with your extranet. This allows you to move between the tabs to view your new edits.

Understanding your Extranet

Let’s explore the powerful tools available through your INNsight extranet and the steps needed to master them. First, you will want to log in to your extranet using your unique username and password.




After logging into your extranet, you will be transported to your Dashboard

The Dashboard delivers a quick visual breakdown of your properties performance. At a glance, you will see your Reservation Distribution stats, Property Performance Statistics, Upcoming Reservations, Website Audience Overview, Traffic Breakdown, Page Views, Daily Visits, Device Category, Traffic Type, Room Revenue Graph, as well as a Quick Stats chart and groundbreaking Industry News. All of this information can be accessed in greater detail through the Analytics and Reporting tabs.




From your extranet homepage, you will find the icons across the header, which are your portal into the system and every available tool. Simply move your cursor over each icon to access the pull-down menus.




Hotel CMS and Rich Media

Our CMS allows you to easily show off your hotel with rich media that includes high-resolution photos, videos, hotel virtual tours, room plans, and more. Seamlessly upload high-resolution media of your hotel with the INNsight Hotel CMS. This type of rich media is proven to improve conversion rates.




Let’s Add Your Rich Media

Adding vibrant media has never been easier! From your extranet, select ROOMS from the CMS pull-down menu. Then select ROOM DETAILS. From there, your room details page will open. This is where you can make edits in-room amenities, descriptions, images, and more.




The Room Details Page is where you can modify room details and descriptions, add a room plan, add images, or add room types to increase your available inventory.




Next, you will select the ADD IMAGE tab. Now you can easily upload or drag and drop image files directly into your extranet. Add a descriptive caption when prompted before saving your image. Once saved, your rich media can be seen on your website. You can easily rearrange the order of the pictures by dragging them on the extranet.




Our Focus Is the Hoteliers Success

Together we will master one feature of the INNsight system at a time to ensure that you are getting the most from your website, CMS, and all of the powerful INNsight tools that are available to you.

Remember, with INNsight we are always available for you and we are always here to help. Please feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns.

Thank You,
The INNsight Team


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