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The word management is like a root of a tree that handles branches or acts as a core, and we can say effective management is a motive to every business. Every profession needs proper management. Efficient planning along with execution will eventually fetch you the relevant results.
- Here you will learn what is Online Reputation Management?
- Why is it important for Hotels and Restaurants?
- Mistakes Hoteliers make while Online Reputation Management

A “reputation" refers to the general consensus and widespread belief of someone or something.

When considering a hotel's reputation, it relates to how guests perceive and experience the property. Reputations are often viewed in broad strokes, considering the most influential or widely held points of view. 

The most significant impacts to your reputation come from the outside perspectives that structure it. 

If these perspectives are widely held and shared, they will bring more exposure to your hotel and help you navigate your Online Hotel Reputation Management System

For example, a hotel with good online reputation management will be thought to have great customer service.

On the other hand, a property with poor reputation management will be perceived as weak, incapable of providing services, and unconcerned about its guests.

This is detrimental because it may cause past or potential customers to have an opinion that conflicts with the hotel’s prestige. 

In today’s modern society, the reputation of hotels are primarily established online through reviews and social media. 

The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Hotels

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is an essential part of the digital marketing process.

When customers search online for a product or a brand, ORM will ensure that they’re given a strong and positive impression of your brand. 

Business owners must build a high-yielding and positive brand image to avoid inadequate responses about their goods and services. 

No matter the size or type, a business’ online presence requires a solid digital marketing team with strategic tactics to publicize its goods and services.

In addition, they need a Google My Business page to obtain feedback and comments.

People evaluate decisions on purchases based on their usage and brand recognition.

They will then communicate their opinions and score the product as they see fit.

Every business should be actively tracking its digital credibility. They can do so by analyzing social networking sites.

Reputation Result

The visitor's journey continues long after they have left your website.

They can publicly criticize or praise your online business and influence other prospective buyers across all forms of media.

This word-of-mouth promotion can boost your revenue if leveraged correctly.

Here are some points that indicate the Importance of Online Hotel Reputation Management according to

Importance of online reputation

Let’s dive into more details to understand the Importance of Online Reputation Management: 

1. Maintaining An Online Reputation Is Crucial

Technology is the main focus in today's society.

Potential customers check and rely on internet reviews before making purchases. 

In other words, ORM directly impacts sales figures.

2. Word-of-Mouth Promotion Spreads Like Lightning

Social media can have an immediate and/or fatal impact on businesses. 

Customers can easily rate your business 1 to 5 stars depending on the quality, delivery, customer service, and even their level of uneasiness that day. 

3. Your Online Reputation Should Be Defendable

The digital trace left by businesses isn't going anywhere.

So what does that indicate for yours?

It's incredibly challenging to repair your reputation when negative public opinion can be found anywhere. 

Even if a consumer's opinion is false or only partially factual, reviews that claim "FRAUD!" or "DON'T STAY!" can significantly influence a buyer's consideration of your business.

The easiest way to demonstrate or balance customer feedback is to actively manage your Online Hotel Reputation.

Still, confused if reputation management is beneficial for your hotel?
Take a look at how reputation management can be
beneficial for your online presence.


Hotel Reputation Management Tips

A negative review will harm your brand. For example, visitors may submit bad reviews on TripAdvisor or other websites, leading to a loss of reservations and revenue.

There are numerous methods for managing your hotel's reputation. The idea is to keep track of what people say about you and learn how to reply to and manage harsh remarks professionally.

Using a hotel reputation management system can accentuate a positive reputation for your hotel.

When it comes to handling internet reviews, a few reliable pointers can drastically improve your approach:

1. Determine the Most Common Problems And Concerns

Checking up on your internet reviews can take time, but it's critical to prioritize until you've straightened out any and all issues.

Online reviews improve your reputation amongst prospective customers and may also be utilized to discover recurring problems that guests are dissatisfied with.

Search for patterns in the information and pinpoint the biggest concerns.

2. Keep Hold Of Your Listings Pages

Many websites may allow hoteliers to administer their own listings pages; and if this is the case, you must keep them updated.

Always keep contact details and photos up to date to ensure the best possible impression. 

In addition, maintaining your Hotel's Marketing Pages can help you appear more professional.

3. Ditch The Secrecy And Interact With Your Guests With Genuinity

If you use social media or other comparable ways to engage with people, be mindful not to come out as excessively corporate or automated.

Instead, ensure you're speaking to customers as though they were right before you.

You'll get a better response, and your guests will keep the authentic experience in mind.

A potential consumer will value being seen and treated as an individual.

In the long run, this will increase customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion.

4. Dont Be Afraid Of Admitting Your Blunders

If a user leaves a negative review, it's not the world's end.

Rather than panicking when you see a one- or two-star review, examine how you may make the right decisions and avoid receiving another negative review in the future.

5. Respond To Everyone

If your hotel receives guests' post-stay feedback, do not leave it unattended. It's all about damage control, so listen and respond to your guests.

This will show them you care about their experience and are willing to go above and beyond to solve their issue.

If you think a review is wrong, don't be afraid to challenge it in a professional tone.

For example, if you believe a competitor is spying on you or someone left a fake review, contact the review site webmaster to have the review removed.

On the other hand, if you have a positive review, don't neglect a reply here, either.

They have made an effort to give a good rating, so give back the same kindness and thank them. 

6. Keep Reviews Visible And At The Forefront Of Your Website

More customers seek advice from online reviews before booking a reservation with a hotel.

Potential guests will believe the opinions of prior guests, so make sure your reviews aren’t difficult to find. 

Customers can always seek advice from a third-party corporation to research their considerations, however, you should always be showcasing positive remarks on your website.

Displaying reviews on your website shows that you welcome feedback from previous visitors and take pride in offering a pleasant experience. 

Hotel Reputation Management Examples

With INNsight's Reputation Management System, manage your Hotel’s Online Reputation with intelligent technology solutions that earn more reviews and actively monitor all comments.

Observe the specific example of one of our clients:


Review 1

In the image above, we have responded to a customer at Yosemite Westgate Lodge. It’s a straightforward response to a positive review.

One of the most challenging aspects of managing an online reputation is accepting criticism professionally. The image below is the appropriate example of a damaging review.


Review 2

The key is to show transparency, not avoid criticism, and address it openly while simultaneously avoiding making false and unrealistic promises.

It's easier to say rather than do.

Unfortunately, most smaller businesses do not spend heavily on communication and struggle with this notion. Because of this, their efforts are frequently ineffective.

Being open and honest is dangerous.

However, not being truthful is riskier in the long run.

What is Hotel Reputation Management Software?

Modern travel increasingly depends on the influence of friends, family, and review websites in today's technology-driven world.

This makes it imperative for hotels to provide continuous and notable hospitality. 

Hotels must be approachable and quick to respond to feedback to develop a high-quality reputation of service. 

To ensure you never lose a customer again, INNsight's personalized Hospitality Online Reputation Management System allows hoteliers to understand service quality against metrics, immediately respond to all OTAs, analyze reviews, and much more all in one place.

Feature of Best Hotel Reputation Management Software:

Helps you monitor your online reputation in one place.

Connect you with your hotel customers to identify their preferences.

A team of project leaders, engineers, and designers that collaborate to produce high-quality software that fulfills your objectives.

Monitor your business's online reputation with innovative technological solutions and robust services to obtain more positive reviews and efficiently suppress bad reviews.

Observe reviews from OTA's like Tripadvisor, Yelp,, Expedia, etc. on the Reputation Management dashboard.

Name of otas

FAQs Related To Hotel Reputation Management

If Reputation Management involves a range of subjects, people are often unsure what it contains and why they should be doing it. So, here are the answers to 10 frequently asked questions concerning Reputation Management:

Can You Maintain Your Reputation Yourself?

A. You certainly can. However, when your brand grows, you may become overburdened. Individuals may easily maintain their reputations, but organizations must allocate staff or technology for the process.

What If I Don't Have A Reputation Management Strategy In Place?

A. Begin making plans as quickly as possible! Everyone, whether they operate a business or not, requires a Reputation Management Strategy. It’s the same reason job advertisements request to see your social media. 

INNsight can provide you with the correct strategic approach to develop a beneficial internet reputation.

What Advantages Can Reputation Management Deliver?

A. There is no simple answer because each scenario and solution is different, but we can assure you that it will not occur overnight. 

The time required is determined by elements such as how difficult the material is to relocate or delete and how long it will take for your content to rank in Google. 

Will You Fully Eradicate All Of The Poor Online Reviews?

A. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove all bad reviews. A request can be made to the webmaster to delete the erroneous data; however, this is not always achievable.

What Are The Most Challenging Aspects Of Reputation Management?

A. Stability is generally the most challenging problem for those attempting to adopt a reputation management approach. A consistent routine is required whether you are managing your image through social media updates, reviews, or videos. Otherwise, you risk having extended periods without fresh stuff.

When exploring a product or brand, buyers like to see current reviews. Anything more than a few seasons old appears to be out of date. 

Many adhere to a regular publishing schedule to engage their present audience and remain relevant to new followers.

Online Reputation Management with INNsight

What Is The Process Of Managing One's Internet Reputation?

A. It changes according to the difficulties and priorities of each business or individual. Therefore, we personalize our strategy to your needs, business, objectives, and target audiences. Typically, we begin to analyze your internet reputation across all platforms and presences. 

What Exactly Is Online Reputation Management?

A. Building and managing social media accounts so that they rank on search engines.

Creating compelling, relevant content and social media strategies and executing marketing for your target audience and industry.

Attractive branding on high-ranking sites.

Using sites and Google to manage content.

Manage your OTA's and all other review management platforms proactively. 

How Fast Will INNsight Reply To Customer Reviews For My Hotel?

A. The INNsight Reputation Management Team will reply to your reviews within 48 hours. We strive to respond to reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, and major online travel agencies within one day of their appearance. This short response time is critical in customer service and relationship management and minimizes harm from a negative review. 

A single negative review may turn off dozens of new customers. Therefore, you must actively maintain your internet reputation and respond to every single review online. No comment should go ignored, since it shows potential clients how much you value your company and their opinions.

How Do You Know INNsight Is Replying To The Reviews?

A. You will see that the INNsight Team is highly involved in monitoring and actively maintaining your hotel's internet reputation in a few ways:

All of your reviews and answers will be stored on the INNsight RMS platform simply by entering your reputation movements on our dashboard.

You will also receive a monthly analysis via email, which will include all evaluations and answers from each site.

24 hours after a review has been shared online, you will receive an email containing the review and its responses.


Connecting to your clients and offering guidance to engage with them is the first step in managing your online presence.

Responding to online criticism and developing an SEO strategy are essential tactics, but they may not be enough to shield your business against smear campaigns. In such instances, it may be best to seek technical support.

INNsight's well-constructed online reputation management solution allows the user to monitor your internet reputation in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

Contact INNsight to improve your property's digital reputation score and rankings to entice more people to identify your company and generate revenue.


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