The End of BookingSuite: The #1 Alternative is INNsight

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As you may already know, on May 26th, 2020, announced that it would be discontinuing its BookingSuite product, including the WebDirect, BookingButton, and RateIntelligence features on November, 30th, 2020.


All BookingSuite customers will have access to their content management system until the end of November to download their website content. It’s essential for anyone with a BookingSuite website to find the best BookingSuite replacement and transfer their hotel website hosting to another digital marketing system as soon as possible.


BookingSuite customers should not let their website go down for any period, as it will harm hotel revenue, page rank, and brand identity. Even if your BookingSuite website was not performing well before, especially during this pandemic, it’s essential to ask where that direct revenue will go if your website is down and how to position your hotel for a recovery.


It is now the right time to switch to the best BookingSuite alternative.  A vendor that will be your trustworthy partner and committed to increasing your website’s direct revenue performance.


So you might be wondering, what is the perfect alternative to BookingSuite?


The answer is - INNsight.


For many years, INNsight has been the leading Digital Marketing System for the hospitality industry. Ex-BookingSuite users can easily convert to INNsight in a few simple steps.
1. Simply subscribe here.
2. INNsight will then custom-design your brand new website with updated SEO-rich content, and once you approve the new website,
3. We’ll launch your brand new hotel website, Powered by INNsight.  As a result, you will be able to quickly improve your digital marketing and online footprint with a brand new custom-designed, ADA Title III Compliant, WCAG 2.1 conforming hotel website. 


You’ll see a significant upgrade from your experience with BookingSuite by switching over to INNsight.  Not only will your website be fully redesigned, but your INNsight subscription also offers additional services that you will find useful, such as SEO, Property Management System, Content Management System, A Zero-Commission Hotel Booking Engine, and Online Reputation Management. 


Let’s take a detailed look at the various services offered by INNsight: 

1) ADA Compliant Website Design & Development


ADA Compliant Website Design & Development

A website is the face of your business, online. Your hotel website needs to showcase everything that your brand stands for. A professional-looking, well-designed website will also help you generate more bookings and increased traffic.


But merely having a website isn’t enough. With INNsight, you will get a beautifully Custom-Designed, Fully Responsive, ADA Title III Compliant, WCAG 2.1 conforming hotel website with a clean and attractive User Interface to get your customer’s attention and tailored to individuals who may face disabilities. 


Our custom-designed websites are built keeping usability in mind. We strive to design a responsive and fast-loading website that allows guests to explore your hotel website with ease and encourage them to book directly.  And our zero-commission, fully accessible booking engine drives millions of dollars in reservations for our clients annually.


INNsight has built the latest technologies to ensure your hotel's website is accessible to individuals with audio and visual impairment. A website Powered by INNsight helps you achieve Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Title III compliance and bring your accommodation's website up to WCAG 2.1 standards for website accessibility. Our latest technology, The ADA Tray®, is a widget that works with your website's existing code to increase compliance with ADA Title III, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508 web accessibility requirements. 


2) Property Management System


Property Management System

The powerful cloud-based Property Management System by INNsight will allow you to manage your hotel's front desk operations anywhere; all you need is a device and an internet connection. When you combine our Property Management System with a website Powered by INNsight, your hotel will have the most robust management and marketing tools in the hotel industry.


INNsight's easy-to-use Property Management software comes loaded with many excellent features and supports dedicated free 24/7 Customer Support. Some other features include: 


  • Check-in and Check-out guests with ease and take advantage of detailed reporting and powerful revenue management tools.
  • Connect to popular Online Travel Agents (OTA), with our Free Central Reservation Systems (CRS) with no connection fees


Or, you can utilize several third-party PMS company offerings.  INNsight has two-way integrations with several popular PMS software such as MEWS and ASI.


3) Content Management System


Content Management System

When you research content management systems for your hospitality business, you'll find a wide array of offerings and pricing. We've made your decision simple - Get your website Powered by INNsight, and the INNsight CMS is included for free.


INNsight's cloud-based hospitality CMS lets you quickly and easily access your website's content, including images, room types, room details, vacation rentals, restaurant menu details, special offerings, and more. 


No more back and forth between you and your website design company - make changes on the fly and from anywhere with INNsight's cloud-based CMS. INNsight's CMS gives you the power to make changes to your hotel website directly. As soon as you log in, you're taken to the cloud where changes and updates happen on the fly and in real-time. Make your edits, save them, and instantly see these changes reflected on your hotel’s website. Don't play catch-up; stay ahead of the game.


4) Facility Management System


INNsight can help you manage your facilities and operations with ease. The Facilities Management System offers a cloud-based software feature set that will help you streamline your property operations leading to improved asset tracking, staff productivity, and guest satisfaction, equaling increased net operating margins.


When you subscribe to INNsight Premium, you will have access to the following features:


Work Order & Maintenance Tracker


Work Order & Maintenance Tracker

Using this feature, your staff can submit detailed work orders for maintenance, pest control, or housekeeping requests per room that will be tracked historically and send automated messages to your team members.


Housekeeping Staff Management


Housekeeping Staff Management

This feature helps you set up your daily housekeeping list and let your housekeeping staff access it via tablet or smartphone. Housekeepers can mark rooms cleared or even summon a maintenance request.


Guest Feedback Management

With the help of our Reputation Management System, you will quickly view inbound guest complaints and log new complaints with ease. Track issues and submit housekeeping requests so you can address problems and increase guest satisfaction.


Property Lost & Found Application


Los and Found

Websites Powered by INNsight feature a Lost & Found Ticketing System that will allow your staff to tag and bag any items left behind by guests. Our websites also feature a Lost & Found form, so guests themselves can also inform you that they may have forgotten or lost an item during their stay.


5) Zero-Commission Hotel Booking Engine


Zero-Commission Hotel Booking Engine

When you have your hotel website Powered by INNsight, you're going to get a built from the ground up and fully integrated hotel booking engine at no additional cost. All of the bells and whistles such as inventory control, hotel discounts, email confirmation, fax confirmation, reservations management, and much more are included. INNsight sets everything up for you for FREE and then unleashes the power of its hotel booking engine to drive more bookings.


INNsight offers seamless hotel booking engine integration. The INNsight hotel booking engine is fully integrated into your website. You'll see it being displayed on your homepage and other pages throughout your site for easy visitor access and optimized to increase conversion rates.


Apart from the standard features like confirmation emails and faxes, the INNsight hotel booking engine also delivers friendly reminders leading up to a guest's hotel reservation and sends thank you emails immediately after a hotel stay, which requests a review and connects them directly to your hotel's social media pages for additional engagement and interaction.


INNsight's technology allows you to create on the fly discounts for specific dates, lengths of stay, and room types to increase reservations.


Rest assured that with the INNsight booking engine powering your accommodation’s reservations system, you will have the tools to help satisfy ADA Title III Section 36.302(e) Hotel Reservations, which requires providing the ability to book a disabled accessible room type while managing strict inventory dynamics of guaranteed availability.


Alternatively, INNsight can also port check availability functionality to any third party booking engine or franchise booking page.


6) Digital Marketing Services provides 360° digital marketing services to its clients. Some of these included services are:


Hotel SEO:



Our dedicated team of SEO professionals will optimize your website, boost your website rankings, and drive traffic from Google and various other search engines. 


We purely use white hat SEO practices to keep your hotel website free from Google penalties while driving genuine traffic.


Content is King! Short-tail and long-tail keyword research is conducted to update your website with keyword-rich SEO content, plagiarism-free.


Our link building team exactly knows the kind of links that a hotel website needs. They get you natural links that will rank your website higher in search engines.


Hotel Social Media Optimisation & Marketing:


Social media icons

Our creative social media executives will manage your hotel's accounts on major social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


INNsight will draft unique, engaging, interesting, and valuable content that users will want to read and respond to.


Our team of professionals is proficient in reaching out to social media users, businesses, and organizations through posts and reciprocated votes to increase your page likes and followers. 


Hotel PPC Advertising & Marketing

We can even help you with our Pay-Per-Click strategies to swiftly increase direct bookings.


We deliver mobile-friendly websites by using today's industry standards and best practices, including responsive web design and AMP to make sure travelers can quickly get to, navigate, and make a reservation with your new mobile hotel website.


We also specialize in blog and content management so you can focus on operating your hospitality business.


7) Reputation Management System


Reputation Management System

You might know how important it is to maintain positive brand identity and reputation in guests and potential visitors' eyes. 81% of people read reviews before booking a hotel. (Hotel Business)


You can easily take command of your hotel reputation with the help of the best review management system for hotels, INNsight’s Reputation Management System.


Trust INNsight for your hotel's online reputation management:

  • We respond to every review on major Online Travel Agents, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google
  • Deep insights about your guest audience
  • Dramatically improve customer relations
  • Advanced analytics for reputation management


Choose our reputation management services to manage your hotel’s brand and online reputation proactively.


Our clients find themselves happy with our services as we successfully help them generate more positive reviews, higher rankings on search engines, and improved customer experience and conversion.


How to Switch from BookingSuite to INNsight?


The process of converting from BookingSuite to INNsight is very straightforward. All you need to do is subscribe to any of our three hotel website and digital marketing subscriptions, e.g., Lite, Basic, or Premium. 


Our professional design team and content writers will help you create a brand new custom-designed, ADA Title III compliant, and WCAG 2.1 conforming hotel website. Once your website is ready to launch, we will replace your BookingSuite website, all with zero downtime!  Our use of 301 redirects will ensure that there will be no degradation of page rank and broken links.


We can work reasonably quickly, depending on your engagement. If you help turn around your custom design quickly, we can code and get your brand new website Powered by INNsight up and running within one week!


Without any doubt, is the best and most affordable alternative to BookingSuite. Our software solutions provide everything you need all in one place. 


Once INNsight powers your hospitality business, you can rest assured that you'll have access to the latest technologies and achieve international standards for data privacy and accessibility.


Take a look at our plans and decide to take your hotel website to greater heights that will eventually lead to more direct reservations with an upgrade to INNsight from BookingSuite.



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