Top 7 Hotel Promotion Tips for Holidays in 2021!


Although in the past, the holidays were not a period of high domestic travel, current travel trends reveal that individuals are more pumped than ever and ready to go, leaving the COVID phobia behind. As a result, the holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to unwind after a difficult year. With the correct marketing, your hotel may be fully booked for the next holiday season.


Here are Top 5  Hotel Promotion Tips for This Holiday Season 


Tip #1: Offer Holiday Specials and Packages


Special Offer

Creating holiday specials and packages to promote your hotel is like the cherry on top of the cake. Guest behaviors need to be focused on attracting more people towards special discounts and offers.


Tips for Creating holiday specials and packages


  • The most important thing while creating specials and packages is setting the right price that attracts customers and benefits the hotel.
  • Create "Early bird offers." This can give a better forecast of guests visiting and can help you manage amenities.
  • Nurture the guest relationships by sending them reminders that you are excited to welcome them. It will give a feeling of a warm welcome and positive vibes for their stay.
  • Target the gift-givers and create special packages for gifting hotel rooms to others. 


Tip #2: Send out Holiday-themed emails


If you've never thought about sending anything more than an ordinary email campaign out to your email contacts, now's the time to change that thought.


When done right, email marketing can have a significant impact on the holiday bookings of your hotel.


Here Are 6 Email Marketing Tips Of How Email Marketing Can Work For Your Hotel!


1. Holiday Announcement:

Send a quick note to customers, letting them know when offers arrive.


2. Early Bird Offer:

Plan a special offer for "early bird" Seasonal travelers and promote it to your email list.


3. Holiday Invitation:

Use email to promote your holiday events in your hotel.


4. Customer Appreciation:

Show your appreciation this holiday season by rewarding loyal customers with a special discount.


5. Local Event:

The holidays are a great time to connect with people who live and work in your community. Plan a special event for the local community.


6. Holiday Reminder:

The holidays are a busy time for you and your hotel guests. Be a helpful resource during the holidays by sending timely reminders.


Tip #3: Try Holiday-themed paid campaigns


Festive seasons are the best time to use paid campaigns to increase hotel reservations. Pay-per-click advertising and Facebook Advertising is an excellent tool for marketing your hotel.


Keep the below-mentioned things in mind to boost your hotel revenue during festive seasons:


Promote attractive special offers related to attractions and events


Limited Time Offer

It takes time to rank on the 1st page of Google for local events and attractions. Gather a list of events and famous attractions near your hotel property during the festive season. Design your ads accordingly.


Ensure you do not miss out on the visitors searching for local events and top places near your property.


Promote last-minute bookings to create a sense of urgency

This strategy is the most commonly used by many marketers in every field of industry. There is a lot of competition that goes around such ads.


Your potential client might be witnessing numerous ads throughout the day, so it depends highly upon your creativity to convert such visitors.


Target specific audiences through FB Ads


Target Specific FB ads

Paid marketers are grateful to FB ADs for the targeting options it allows. For example, you can specifically target the users according to the geo-locations in detail.


A well-planned and executed FB Ads campaign can bring in a fair amount of leads to your website.


Tip #4: Be Flexible and Compassionate


Being flexible and compassionate this holiday season will help you shape new relationships with your guests. Being mindful of the problems people face will also help you develop a positive brand image compared to your competitors. 


Consider adding a flexible cancellation policy to show how understanding you are as a hotel owner during the holiday season. It will be nice for guests to see that they are not just another hotel, but that you care about them.


As you create a cancellation policy, think of how you can get someone to reserve a room for another date. For instance, if somebody cancels a booking due to COVID-19, they can book a room at a discounted price in the future!


PRO TIP: Showing compassion during the holiday season is always a recommendation, but it is a MUST this year.


Tip #5: Decorate your website


What is a better surprise for your website visitors than to welcome them with stunning festive graphics? Your website is your digital front door; make it look catchy and welcoming.


Switch to a Christmas-themed hero image and put your visitors in a Christmas mood. You can customize your social media buttons as well! Christmas-if your website logo with an alluring festive graphic to show your visitors that you are entirely into the Christmas spirit. 


PRO TIP: Let it snow! Probably, it is the most preferred website decoration for the holidays. Nothing conveys the feeling of Christmas better than light falling snow.


BONUS TIP: Showcase Your Health & Safety Precautions


Showcase your health

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us how important it is to maintain cleanliness and a healthy body. And when you talk about travel, hotels are the ones that you trust upon. Hence, it is imperative to maintain and follow the safety precautions and cleanliness guidelines. As a bonus tip, hotels need to showcase what safety measures they are following like:


  • Regular sanitization
  • Housekeeping measures
  • Maintaining kitchen hygiene
  • Regular thermal check-up of the staff members

These are some things hotels can showcase to their guests to trust them and book their stay. It would also help in the word-of-mouth promotions of your hotel.





With the holiday season at our doorstep, it's the perfect time for hoteliers to add these critical practices into their promotions. As rightly said by Philip Kotler - "The best advertising is a happy and satisfied customer." So, with some practical ideas and a blend of promotional activities, we would help make your hotel the best in town. can help get your old hotel website a perfect makeover or build you a great website that is ADA friendly, along with various promotional ideas that would allow you to reach out to your customers.


Do share your inputs about the blog in the comment section, or if you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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